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Part time Beast.......

Should NOT be called part time at all! Sure, it’s short. I’d love to say it’s sweet, but it hurts too much!

Seriously CT, I’ve made some good progress using this on-the-surface abbreviated routine. Thought I’d be taking a bit of a training break, but as it was, using the varied principles together in a simple program rocks.
(By the way, where did your evil mind get that 10-set-to-max back squat day from? I could hardly stand afterwards!)

Anyway, I’m now on a different program, but thinking about how I could return to PTB again in a manner. Can you tell me:
Should I just repeat the routine? Or change the exercises? Or change the training method on each exercise? Or all of the above?

If I should change the exercises I am having trouble picking good solid compound exercise choices- you seem to have used them all already in the posted workout!
Regards, SRS

Glad that you had success with the program. Changing the exercises is not that complicated. If you have problems finding an alternative, simply change grip width or stance width. You can even change the apparatus (dumbbells, barbell, trap bar, thick bar,etc.) or ROM (making it longer or shorter). No need to change the actual exercises.