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Part II to Big Beyond Belief Thread?

Could anybody tell me if there’s a part II to this thread:


Or did it just die?

After some advice on this program.

Currently ending week 2 4 day per week.

Nearly at 20 sets with 90 seconds break per workout, yet it’s meant to be completed in under 45 minutes.

Trying to workout where you buy the time machine to manage this?

It says its reached its post limit, so yeah guess it died hey… Well I have no advice for the 4 day per week but I did do the 6 days per week, but from what I can see you do quite alot of work per day on the 4x so I mean just use 45min as a guideline… not everything is set in stone, you’ll adapt to it soon enough

PM MODOK or Pars if you have questions. Or me if you’re really desperate lol

I wouldn’t worry about how long your workout actually is, but should be fairly short if you’re following the rest periods. The idea behind the time is to get more work done in less time, and to make you cry yourself to sleep thinking about 5 sets of 15 rep squats to failure lol

ok thanks.