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Part 2: What Naturals are Truly Capable Of


Hey guys, here the follow up of the last thread. Wanted to start it off by saying the 3 pictures posted were of, in order: Matt Ogus, Devon Palumbo and Chris Lavado. All have been lifting for 7+ years, competed in BBing and are pretty famous on youtube.

Ogus: 5'5 163 right now, 3 weeks out from main event.
Lavado: Around 5'9, not sure of weight, but around 175, same show.
Palumbo: 5'10 165 stage weight, 1200 total raw no belt powerlifting, placed top 3 at physique, does BBing.

These, to me, are some top athletes for their age.


They are "top athletes".

They are not "really huge guys".


Exactly. They are really aesthetic, but not huge. Ogus bulked to close to 200lbs before cutting for his upcoming show.


That's great if that is what you aspire to.

I do believe the question was who got really huge on this site without ever bulking up.



This guy is pretty huge, standing at 5'7, 185 at around 8%.

He's a huge guy.


Crazy to think that ogus and palumbo are around the same weight with 5 inches dif.


Palumbo is crazy shredded at 165, Ogus would have same conditionning at around 158-160, even lower. Devon ''BeastBodybuiling on youtube'' is hella vascular and diced.


Devon Palumbo is a tiny 165...oh wait..


Edit: Hopefully this will be a good thread.
@jeanmich I do think some of those guys you posted are big considering how lean they are. Being huge is a look, not whether one exceeds 200 pounds on the scale.

PX you should put up some pics of naturals that you think that are huge since you think jeanmich examples aren't good ones.


crazy delts


This is Jacco de Bruynn (not sure of spelling...) He is in no way, shape or form a ''natural'' bodybuilder.


Well, google images fail on my part. Still, that dude is shred city.


This is palumbo


Nice white square.


Indeed i want to see Proffesor X post some huge naturals.


this is Devon btw.


Lol @ "FIT HOT GUY" in the lower right.


Mostly good posts so far!


What honestly is with many of you switching up what has been said before?

Massiveguns asked who had a really high body weight and muscularity who never bulked up.

Posting pictures of guys under 180lbs doesn't seem to fit the bill...and yes, I always was led to believe that it takes way less time for someone that short to fill out their physique.

I am not speaking of guys in contest shape so why would I need to post picture of "naturals" in that condition when there is no way to prove who is or isn't.

I don't think anyone but some of you care that much about who is natural and who isn't.


Can you post guys who bulked up and then cut, that are natural, and that are bigger than the guys posted? Just to get a comparison.

Do those guys weigh more than 180lbs at the same or similar heights?