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Parlodel for T?


My Doc put me on a 30mg per day dose of Parlodel (bromocryptine) back in mid April. I am on it through the 25th of this month. It acts to increase the release of dopamine from the parts of the brain that produce it. This in turn suppresses Prolactin levels from the Posterior Pituitary gland. This all then allows T levels to raise as Prolactin levels which become clinically high (mine were) can cause lower levels of T to result. (397 ng/dl) so yes mine were for a 26 year old healthy male.

We are checking to see if this dose over 3 months use will help raise my T and drop my Prolactin levels to a more appropriate level for my age and health status.

Has anyone else herd or experience results from Parlodel or prescription Bromo?


30mg a day? What the hell? Thats a very high dose! I was doing parlodel at 5mg every other day and could barely handle that. My Parlodel was pharm grade also and my prolactin levels are high currently and test levels are low. It made me feel shitty all day long. The best way to explain the feeling was it enhanced any sort of problem you had at the time. For example, I had hayfever, took parlodel and it felt so much worser then it already was. Im interested in your results because Im in the same position as you.


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My mistake, major typo that you now pointed out to me. I am at 2.5mg a day every day with breakfast. Not 30mg as listed. I was thinking of something else. My bad!


Yeah that sounds more realistic. You could ask BBB about his Selegiline approach to lowering prolactin levels but I suppose if your not feeling like you've just been run over on the parlodel then continue with that. Apparently it will help with sexual recovery, as in decreased recovery times between ejaculation. Noticed this?
BBB can you explain your theory on how prolactin can lower T?


No, I have not had any feelings so far over almost 3 months on Parlodel in which I feel run over or drained. I would be interested to know how (other then maybe an acute lowering of pulsitile GH levels) as Bromocryptine at the right dose and frequency is also used to treat acromegaly or anterior pituitary adenomas which cause excessive GH release. At the dose I am on I was told I am way too low to experience such hormonal effects.

Prolactin which is produced by lactotrophs in the posterior pituitary gland is suppressed by dopamine release. Bromo is known to effect the substantia nigra area of the brain which produces and releases dopamine. Dopamine was first titled (PIH) prolactin-inhibiting-hormone prior to its more contemporary and well known functions in the reward-pleasure system.

High levels of serum prolactin (above 20ng/dl) causes mild suppression of the endogenous production of T. Enough that it can lead to sub-clinical or even clinical hypogonadism in men. It takes at least 3 months of continuous use of Bromo to allow not only suppressed serum prolactin levels but also elevations in free and bioavailable T. This allows insights to both the upstream targets and the down stream targets of the hormonal production and target tissue responses, better allowing a physician to find the point at which T is being inhibited from being where it should be in healthy, middle aged guys like us.

Thats my understanding of the goods.


Ok so you've been on it for 3 months, has it helped? I.e. Libido increase? Its mainly the libido im interested in as this is what I am suffering from, low libido. Im younger then you are, do you have blood numbers over those 3 months?


I get post test numbers and lab values taken on the 27th of this month. I will have pre and post comparisons after that. Not much increase in libido that I was aware of no.


I see, no change in libido... hmmm. Can any of the vets explain how lowering HIGH prolactin levels would NOT have a positive effect on libido? I wish to know as this happened with me too, I took bromo and selegiline too and experienced no libido difference. Obviously I understand that if high prolactin is the ONLY thing causing a decreased libido then decreased prolactin levels would affect libido. But Im guessing the problem may lie elsewhere such as decreased test production?

I will be looking forward to your numbers on the 27th of this month.


I went in today and gave my blood sample after a 12 hour fast. Took my last Parlodel tab on Friday which marked 3 months on the medication.

I still have all my numbers from the last blood test. I asked tat the nurse call me as soon as the labs came in which is 72 hours from today so thats when I can see for sure what we have.

I will also say that the last month I HAVE felt like I got run over by a truck yes. More lethargic then I normally feel most of the day. Some days I am great and its awesome, but 4-5 days a week I am just a bit more run down then I am accustomed to. I figure the bromo has been building up and raising my dopamine levels at this point, meaning the prolactin levels are on their way down of course. How far, I do not know? Does this mean for sure my T levels have went up? No it does not. My libido has been unchanged in the full 3 months so i doubt it. I have actually lost 9lbs since starting the medication which is not in anyway due to loss in appetite trust me! That is still high as ever. The weight loss is more likely due to the parachute sprints I started doing right about the same time as the meds. I do them 4x a week after my workouts for 15-20 minutes for like 10x50 yards. I never thought that would cause so much weight loss though till now!

Friday I will post my pre and post labs.


I will definetly check back here on Friday.

I just got my results for my recent blood test.
In February (2 months after my cycle, while taking Bromocriptine) my prolactin was

Prolactin = 97 mu/L (56-278)

My test in May after discontinuing any Dopamine agonists was

Prolactin = 338 mu/L (56-278)

I feel my levels of prolactin at 338 are still there now, very high.