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Parkway Drive


They deserve, at minimum, their own thread. They are changing an entire genre.

Here are some highlights from their newEST album. If you like, then enjoy.


Changing an entire genre is not necessarily a good thing. I've heard they put on a good live show, but this is pretty weak.


Why? Because they retain some semblance of melody?

Perhaps you prefer your post-hardcore/new metal to sound like a morass of gargling shit but I do not. Post elsewhere hater.


Came up on one of my Pandora stations. meh


With my music Im still fucking stuck in the 90's , this sounds pretty cool, thanks bro, Ill definitely put wreckage in my playlist on my walkman :wink:


I dig em. Got Horizons and Killing With a Smile albums. I'll check out the newest album. Solid metalcore band, in my opinion. But changing the game, they are not. Their own thread, they do not deserve. Typing like Yoda, I am.


No, I prefer my "metalcore" to be diverse and thorough in both lyrical quality and musicianship. See: Shai Hulud, Misery Signals, or if you're feeling particularly adventerous: Converge

Parkway Drive, are a decent band but there is nothing new or game changing about them. Also, in terms of Australian metalcore/hardcore "I Killed the Prom Queen" was far superiour


i'll check some of those bands out


Enjoy, my friend.

Just make sure that if you're listening while walking down the streets in midtown that you don't shoulder check some poor bastard into traffic.