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Parkour on ABC

Saw a show on ABC last night on Parkour…looked pretty cool. Anybody doing this?

parkour is a fullbody motion discipline.
It improves you’re agility and overall mobility.
if you want more info on the discipline go to the source - parkour.net. the internationaly recognized major forum for parkour and everything else involved.


I do it.

Wow, how cool is that. I never heard of Parkour until earlier this week, when my 14 year old son comes home from school all psyched because they are doing Parkour there for PE. He loves it. Maybe paying the bucks for a private school is worth the money after all.

Hmmm where are you based Dr.PowerClean? Here in the UK there is a group of us looking into setting up an official parkour association with the ultimate goal being working with exam boards such as OCR and AQA.

Should be good =]