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Parkour / Free Running


Anybody ever try our parkour aka free running? It sounds fun but i have no idea were to start. sometimes i watch the videos on youtube and gawk in amazement at there awesomeness of being like batman.


You start as many threads as TYPE2B

In serious note they have years and years of practicing free running. I was watching one guy do hand-stand push ups like no tomorrow without being braced on a wall. Not many people that train in the gym can do that.

They are specifically strong in what they do. If you really want to do what they do go out 2-4 hours a day running around your city jumping over things. Or find someone to each you the techniques they do such as rolling out of a landing.


The rolling out of a landing and all that stuff is actually pretty easy to do with a bit of practice. Then again handstand pushups (even freestanding) are well within the bounds of a gym trainee with reasonable pressing strength, but it takes months to acquire that level of balance.
The only thing that stands between you and the people you watch on youtube is hours and hours of practice... youtube will also bring you tutorials for all of the skills found in these videos if you look.


Banlieue 13 is a French movie with lots of parcours, you should check it out.


The cop in that movie was Tim Roth's stunt double in Incredible Hulk.


Most of the best freerunners started off in gymnastics. Makes the transition easier. My friends and I learned by going to a park and learning to do backflips, kongs, and other basic stuff off of the playground equipment. You just have to get rid of the fear of hurting yourself, that's the biggest thing holding you back. It helps with people to push you when you're scared to do something that could potentially hurt.


Yeah, friends around for motivation helps heaps. That's probably a big enough part of why I don't do it. All of my friends are pansies...