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Parkour/Free Running Gym




I believe there is also a upcoming bodybuilder who does tricking and free running as well. Found this interesting.


Antoine Vaillant


Enjoyable video. Sadly I wouldn't even be able to WALK through that place without spraining something. =P


Another with Antoine


Oh come on! LOL From what I've read they start you out very slowly at the school/gym


A good athlete is still a good athlete when they gain lots of muscle, they just look funny doing stuff like that.


Yeah, with everyday perception and sterotypes it still kind of freaks you out when guys who look like this pull off these crazy things.


I was going to say something snarky about going outside and running, but that was pretty damn cool.

It reminds me of the XMA stuff from a few years back.

Team Ryouko

Their bodybuilder shows up around the 2 minute mark.


Imagine how sore you'd be after a day of doing this...haha. I'm just worried about their overhead, they pay a famous guy who does X-Game parks to design the place and it seems pretty big....and Cali Buildings/rents aren't cheap.

Plus you have to get actual real people to join your facility, not just the tempest team...lol It would be hard but then again California is probably the best market for a place like this, with stuntmen and movies and such.


I would also imagine you'd have to pay a great deal of attention to nutrition and recovery cuz alot of those stunts would be constant impact on your joints. I do WUSHU and we do some tricking but not like this..hahaa. I've always wanted to try Parkour.


There might be a crew near you.



Yeah! I remember this! Thanx for posting it! Brings back memories lol




Theres one guy in the video wearing chucks while he's doing all that. No way I'm wearing chucks to do this! Give me all the cushy comfort from a pair of sneakers...help absorb all that impact.


I know a couple of guys who use vibrams. It probably isn't too bad with the stuff indoors as I would imagine it is specifically designed to absorb some of the impact. But outside. Forget about it.

And those guys are fucking insane. Thanks for the vid.




Very cool!

Of course, when I hear Parkour, I only think this of this:


I grew muscles so I didn't have to run for or from anything.


That's not really the point. Plenty of people are involved in martial arts because they enjoy it, not "just in case" they get in a fight.