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Parking Lot Attack



Sitting at work today listening to the news i hear a guy got attcked in the gym parking by 15 people.

The story goes...Last night in Sydney (Australia) a 18 year old male got into his car after a gym session and got pulled out by 15 males and got severly beaten.He remeains in a Sydney hospital in a stable condition.
They took his wallet and mobile phone(Cell phone for yanks).The investigation is ongoing.

Now this got me thinking,would this have happened if he went and got a male escort from the Gym to walk him to his car :smiley:

Or would he have been a hero if he stood up to these guys and tried to fight them all ?

Maybe he should have just have said sorry to the guy who's bench he stole :smiley:


K of K


Should have kept his male escort folded in the trunk.


think he's gonna stop lifting now?


It serves him right for being ghetto enough to walk to his car on his own.


Thats right, I better hire myself a bodyguard every time I walk to my car after a gym session. Heck, why not have one ANY the time I decide I need to stroll over to my car? After all, it's not as if I have any right to an unbroken nose.


These happen, especially in big cities. And sometimes the 10-15 tht just stomped you, half of them where your friends.

Coulda been that he had success in his life and they didn't and they wanted to put him back in his place.

Coulda been anything.

Should it stop him from going to the gym? I say hell naw, carry a piece and if somebody steps to him put a hole in them.

the way i look at it, is when 3 or more jump one person, it can end in a fatality. the 3 should also be prepared to go since they are putting your life on te line.


I hate to say it but this sounds more like a matter of race or politics than a simple robbery. It doesn't take 15 people to rip off a wallet and phone. Any more info on the story? It's time for my workout and I'm scaaared!


He should have had a trunk monkey.


I am thinking there is more to this story than 15 random guys doing something like that. Its possible that it was a random attach, in which case it did not matter who they guy was, and quite frankly these kinds of attacks are scary because they can happen to anyone. Most likely they knew who he was, one or more of them had a beef with him and they just beat the shit out of him, taking his stuff for good measure.
But yes, he should have had a trunk monkey.


Time to get a ford taurus


or just have junk in his trunk.
like me.


Or just carry a gun.

I got a problem solver, and his name is revolver :wink:


Flash bangs work extremely well in these situations.


Reminds me of this:



i cant decide which is weirder, this post, or the ones you have in the 'girlfriend's exes' thread, or whatever the heck it was called.


What a pansy! Probably just another internet tough guy that can't handle the real world. :slight_smile:


That video is fake.


I like the idea of a male escort but I'd rather get in a Ford Escort and drive into the crowd of hooligans at top speed (45 mph).


That's quite possible, but how do you know?


The acting when they stop. Who jokes and says "well there is a baseball field right there" when somebody has a gun in their face and asks why he got his baseball bat?