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Parking Garage Brawl, PRIDE-style


Not for the squeamish. Kid gets KTFO, does a Flair flop to the concrete and then gets Wanderlei'd:



Those kicks to the head weren't cool.
Fucking pussies.


Eh. The dude tried to sucker punch the black kid who eventually knocked him out. He had plenty of chances to get out of there.

All in the game homey.


Wow, his wifebeater wearing buddy sure got outta there fast when he hit the ground. Grey sweater wimpy leg kick dude too. Like double time. Damn.

There's a ton of lessons in this vid.


Yes he deserved to get ktfo, but come on, the kicks to the head after he was already out? You know as well as I do that shit's not cool.


Not cool? It's a fucking streetfight, he's not tiptoeing through the tulips.

You want to play the game, this is the chance you take. I bet you he'd have done the same shit to the other kid had he knocked him out.

I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying that this is the shit that happens.


So does murder. That is why street fighting is stupid.


That site is so full of win. Here's another one: we see a 1 punch KO and then a sweet counter right



Funny the guys that got beat up are the ones who had girls with them. Bring up the question, would you rather get beat up and laid, or sucker punch somebody and jerk off later that night?


So the options are getting laid with a banged up dick or jerking off with a fucked up hand?

I think I'll read a book :wink:


the links are working for me


can't believe all the street fights damn..




fucking right. u expect rules in a street fight. stay at home and dont get hurt, killed or go to jail.

I work in a busy trauma center, I treat people all the time who are fucked up in street violence.

not 9 times out of 10, but more like 99 times out of 100, 2 things are involved...being out and about between 11 pm and 4 am, and drugs and alcohol.

when these poor bastards are crying for mommy as I staple up their busted heads asking "why did this happen to me"?

I respond by saying "don't be out and about late at night drinking and smoking, and usually bad shit will not happen to you"

shit, I lived in Richmond Ca for 2 years when I worked at San Quinton prison, that's the murder capitol of the USA, and I never saw any bad shit because at late at night I was either at work or in my house.


Agreed... What would bother me is completely random violence which I can't really defend against, i.e. that vid of some kids walking up to a grandfather and his grandkid and killing the guy just like that... My one great fear in life: Someone attacking my family due to some bullshit reason with no way for me to prevent it/avoid risk factors because there simply aren't any.
Man, shit like that makes me want to kill these guys in the most brutal fashion possible...

On another note, there seem to be a lot of vids of cops getting shot and killed on that site (more than the opposite, or is it just me?)... For all the flak the police catch for some of their actions here on T-Nation I rarely read or see anyone mentioning that kind of thing.


I know eh...2 cops dead from that kid with the ak47 in memphis...damn


I remember my dad telling me about a cop he knew (this is a long time ago) who was dropped from the force. Guy had a very "shoot first, questions later" attitude. Said he had enough dead friends and when he saw trouble coming he was pulling the trigger.

My dad was living in the States at the time. Obviously not too many kids running round shooting up cops over here.


What I don't understand is why the dude in the first vid threw a couple of punches at that guy, but when his buddy went down he turned and acted like he hadn't just taken a swing at that dude. That dude caught him slipping and drilled him. The kicks to the head were excessive, but if he didn't want to fight he should've never thrown those first coupla' punches. The take home message should be if you're gonna act tough you better fully commit to it.


I was thinking about this quote late night Heavy, and it's just so damned true.

Every altercation I've ever been involved in, from my first one in kindergarten to the last one outside a bar a couple years ago, could have been avoided. Every single one, I could have walked away from.

I've never been involved in a crime or been the victim of an assault... hell, half the time I hit first and was the guilty party.

And honestly, as soon as me and my friends got to the age where we started drinking around 15-16, everything after that involved either booze or drugs to some degree, and all of them were after 11 p.m.

Kinda funny that I never realized any of that before.

The moral of the story though is there's a time when the wolves are out. Don't be out with'em.


Well you gotta realize that these guys aren't fighters. Most guys aren't, and they sure as hell don't want to get hurt.

Like coyotes, they spring when someone is either not paying attention or already hurt because there's no risk to it. until something like this happens of course where some gets caught.