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Park Workout for Conditioning


Great for conditioning, strength, burning fat, etc


I'm too old to do that. Not strength-wise but in the sense that a sweaty 38 year-old man on a playground is going to get funny looks.


Is that you in the video? Is this something you actually made or something you came across that someone else has filmed?




^^ Will you stop that! No one will help you if you keep posting that.




Really? I never see kids playing outside at the park. It's fair game as far as I am concerned.

However, many conditioning drills I like to do do not require a playground -- any old strip of dirt, grass, or parking lot is all that is required. I like to do sprints, running and mobility drills, bear crawls, burpees, jumping. These are all great conditioning movements that can be combined in various ways to keep one fresh and motivated.

A few examples might look like these:

Sprint 100 meters, do 50 jumping jacks, bear crawl back to start, 50 push up, repeat for given number of rounds or time.

25 walking lunges, shuffle back to start, 17 tuck jumps, wash, rinse, repeat.

We are only limited by our imaginations. A few cheap pieces of equipment added into the mix can even make for more variety: e.g., sandbags, jump rope, medicine ball, etc. The key to conditioning is that variety does matter.


There are videos of people doing crazy workouts on the American parkour website. In the park, parking lot, house, bleachers. I've did a couple of them, trying out diffrent conditioning methods. I lasted a couple of weeks, but did not keep it up. I found it interfered with lifting. It is really draining and good for conditiong, but was to much for me at the time. I may give parkour workouts a try again, now that I'm done with school and only working one job.


Agree on the bear crawl. Doing this on bleachers is really taxing.


Bartendaz, Highlandaz, calisthenicz kingz, and harlem seals. Look them up on you tube. They work out at the park as well. Their older than 38.