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Paritial Muscles. Help!


I just watched a video on youtube of an exercise named the end range paritial it was explained as working the paritial muscles in there end range. It resembles 1 arm rear lat raise on the ground. does anyone know what the paritial muscles are? or what this video is referring to? I am confused i can not find any information on paritial muscles anywhere

thanks in advance


here is a copy of the video


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there is no "paritial muscle".

it's "parietal muscleS"
ie the "core".


no it is the paritial muscle... this is not the first time i have seen this exercise.. i believe it is a poliquin movement... (i could be wrong)


thanks BBB.. i have taken anatomy and do not remember anything about a paritial muscle.. nor can i find any information about it in my textbooks... or google