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Parisi Training System DVD Series

Did anyone see DVD training from Parisi Speed School?? What do you think of those training?

Warm-up DVD
Deceleration DVD
agility DVD
40 yard Dash DVD
Vertical jump DVD

I have the warmup. It’s worth buying.

i have the first 3 u mentioned. If you ar going to get one first id recoment the warmup vid. U will prob never do another warmup ever again:)

My friend has all of the DVD’s except the vertical jump. We found them to be pretty valuable, and he’s currently putting the warm-up and deceleration training into practice with the rugby team that he coaches. (he’s the S&C coach).

The warm-up is pretty inspirational, as is the deceleration. The agility vid was interesting, mainly for the ‘shifting your centre of gravity away from your base of support’ stuff.

the skinny dude in the 40-yard dash video can really freaking move.

Actually, some of the best bits are the crazy exercises that whizz past you in the breaks. We started doing ‘bus driver’ and the chin-up complex after watching them.

They’re pretty well produced for this type of video, as well.

Hope that helps.

All of them are excellent and worth buying. The typical high quality info. you can expect from Bill Parisi and Martin Rooney. Im looking forward to their future projects.

Thanks everybody for the support and comments regarding the DVDs. We really pride ourselves on making something that is worthwhile. I have to second an earlier post saying that without the ADW DVD the rest would be harder to grasp.

As far as the next few coming out, well we are in the process of finishing our MMA one. Rooney cant wait until this one is out. I think he enjoyed making this one the most. I really believe everybody will benefit from this next one. We also have some projects in the works, “HARDCORE Exrecises,” Program Design, Pre-Season Training (for all sports,) and few others. Please stay tuned through here and our website.

Stay Strong,