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Parisi Speed School DVD

Hey !
Does anyone own the dvds in here? If so what do you guys think about them? Better, superior to others or just a whole lotta hype about something others do as good or even better?

Never seen any of the DVD’s but I’ve seen some kids who went to that school and they were pretty good athletes.

what sports did they participate in? how did you get to know em?

Football, Basketball, Tennis and Track. I don’t really know them to well, so I don’t know if they improved or were simply gifted athletes. I do know that at first glance I would not think they were as explosive as they were. They were of different sizes from 135 to 280 about 14 to 17 years old, and if I had a son their age I would definitely take a look at their training because of them.

no I am not that far, I thought about going there myself or at least try to structure my training like they do, but I guess I’ll stick to DeFranco. I just can’t wait for WS4SB3!!!

I have the 40 yd dash DVD. It shows some technique and shows some exercises but shows nothing about how to implement the workouts. In this sense it’s kind of like an advertisement you pay for. So don’t waste your money on it.


ahhh, thanks. Good to hear that.

I have the warm-up DVD, it was cool at first to see how to do the warm-up and look at how it is supposed to be done, but now at elite they have videos on this for free, so I wouldn’t recommend at least that one.