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Parisi DVD's

Any football players here own any of the Parisi DVD’s from elitefts.com? If so, which would you recommend most? I’m looking at buying either the agility or warmup DVD’s. Are they worth the money?

Also, if anyone could tell me about the “decelerration method” DVD, I’d appreciate it.

thanks in advance

I went to Parisi’s way back when they first started, they know there stuff, so any video would be good.

I use the Parisi warm-up with my high school football team and they have done vey well with it.A side note I also use it with my GP clients and it is very helpful for them also. Been to there facility also and they are very good,and well worth the money.

Is there any way you guys can provide more feedback? any body else out there have or seen these? I’ve heard great stuff anytime someone talked about them, but they are semi pricey so i’d just like to make sure. First one up for me would be the warm up dvd then move on from there. Seems like it would be the most useful to start with.

You can buy them feeling safe that you are getting your moeny worth. I use them with some swimmers and basketball players. The stuff works.:slight_smile:


I have the warmup, decel method and agility. I’d recommend the warmup and agility methods, they are both very good and the agility tape has part of the decel stuff on it. All very well made vids though.