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Paris Hotel Las Vegas

$ isn’t a concern. Although I dont want to go broke.

Like I said 3 weeks later we wil be going to a spa for a long weekend. Approx. $2200-$2500 for that weekend alone. And I need to fly out to NY and buy a car I’ve had my eyes on this summer too.

Having lived in Vegas - believe me I have slept and not slept in pretty much every Hotel there. The best Hotel for me hands down is The Palms. The Paris though is great and affordable, Cha-ching and Good Luck-Jules

Can anyone use the pool @ M.B.?
If I stay @ Paris can I use M.B.'s pool? What if I pay a cover to use the pool?

first time I ever was in vegas I was about 200 down after 4 hours… only brought 400 bucks with me… and we were trying to learn to play craps at the bellagio (bad idea)

Anyways, we go over to Paris and my cousin starts throwin the dice, and I turned 20 bucks (with 10 dollar mins)into 700, he threw the dice on the corner table (walking in from the strip) on the left closest to the entry for 43 minutes without crappin out!

Then two days later, we go back for more, two tables down, he toss’s the dice for 52 minutes. It was incredible.

They actually had to bring more chips to the table, it looked like a movie. People were screaming and yelling, it was unreal. Definately play craps there, you can’t go wrong

crap crap crap crap craps!

Aladin is often a good value choice. Their room deals can get really cheap for nice quality rooms and they’re well located on the strip (next to paris). The rooms are comparable to some of the surounding but more expensive mid-rangers like monte carlo or paris. I have no idea about their pool though.