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Paris Brown

Someone from the UK please explain Paris Brown(The youth police commissioner)…there seems to be a disconnect in my understanding of who she is/what she does…

Something tells me the selection process must have been a little bare bones to miss the flurry of dumb shite she’s put up on social media for someone that intends to become part of the police force. She’s kind of self-absorbed; I wonder how she ever got as far as she did. Ironically I admire the camp she’s coming from in relation to her tweets, about her brother fighting a bully and how bad Made In Chelsea is, and cannabis. However, she’s woefully misguided, and she most likely feels that way about them for all the wrong reasons. I’m just glad she’s not a ‘youth commissioner’. I’m not even sure that’s a real job, a teenager with that personality should not be put in a position to converse with a criminal populace, I don’t see it making even the slightest of improvement.

She’s terribly unfunny in the way only socially-reliant teenage girls can be, and obnoxiously brash in her shitty, bigoted exclamations. She needs a few years and a few books before she should be allowed a job in anything even closely resembling the police force.