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Parents Skeptical About Supplements


hello all,

Today, a friend took me to a health shop and got me a small jar (500g) of a supplement high in protein. I was given instructions by the people at the shop, to have the supplement with milk, at least once a day.

Recommended serving suggestion, 27g with 250mLs milk - That will give me 11g of protein, there is 42.5g of protein per 100g of powder.

I came home with the product, I told my dad, he seems scepticle about me using it.

I have read everywhere that to effectively workout and bulk up you should take supplements, if for no other reason than during the workout there is a lot of stress in your body, and these supplements will replace/heal key cells that make up the muscle being worked on.

I am 15, and curl 20kgs - so thats quite a lot of stress.

Does anyone have any suggestions to convince my dad to let me take the supplement?

appreciate any input

yours sincerly



Hum... remember supplements are meant to supplement good diet (ei: meat, vegies, etc). Supplements by themselves don't do shit besides making your wallet thinner.

To effectively train and bulk up you must:
(1) eat good food, a lot of it, preferably more than 3 times a day.
(2) you must sleep.
(3) have good training programS
(4) eat some more (not joking)
(5) Repeat steps 1-4
(6) supplements.

If your dad won't let you take the supplement, don't sweat it. Squats & Milk will take you very far.


this is wrong in so many levels I don't even know where to start. Just know this, a curl is nothing.


good to know,

Dont start, I did some research, wayyyy off lol

Will follow your little 'plan'

thanks for you help



I agree, just keep reading and reading.


Learn to eat properly first. Supplements are not a substitute for nutritious food and proper eating habits. Get your diet in order and worry about the supplements later.

I GUARANTEE that widening your knowledge on nutrition will be far more valuable to you than any protein drink.


yea mate, I eat about 5 times a day anyway.

But not crap! Tuna and stuff.

I will 'widen' Knowledge.

Thanks for help


I am 15, and curl 20kgs - so thats quite a lot of stress.

^ ... my bar weighs 20kg with no weights on it... thats not stress, thats.. nothing >.<


"I am 15, and curl 20kgs - so thats quite a lot of stress."

^ ... my bar weighs 20kg with no weights on it... thats not stress, thats.. nothing >.<, doesnt seem like you have done much research at all, if any.. start from scratch I would say.


hey cryptology, firstly.... screw you!

clearly you did not read all of my post!

I am 15 for god sake, I weigh 60kgs, 20kgs for one arm is a fantastic achievement, I am the strongest in my grade at my school!

I know an Olympic bar weight 20kgs, without weights. I use one to do bench presses, with weights.

So thanks to Neospartan, DOHcrazy and roybot, who actually provided some USEFUL information!!

No thanks to Cryptology who clearly did NOT read my first post, whoop-dee-do you think 20kgs is nothing. I am 15 and have been working out for a few months, so you can take your 20kg bar with NO weights and stick it up your arse!!

Apologies if I have offended anyone except cryptology, just sick of people who dont read a full story yet feel they have the right to put down the person asking the question!



Wow, sounds angry!


'If you have nothing constructive to say, don't say it in my threads please.

I was just asking, as I am not experienced in supplementation.

Jerks these days... '

  • coming back to haunt you, I saw YOU post the above comment on one of your threads, I suggest you take your own advice!!


My post was constructive actually, it told you to start from scratch, your better off listening then extending your e-penis by getting angry at me :stuck_out_tongue:

You wanted to give me your number on my thread? Sorry I dont date guys :stuck_out_tongue:


p.s Im from the UK and the reason I asked for specific supplement advice is because they dont sell most of the supplements posted around here in the UK.

P.S im only 3 years older and barely heavier, if you wanted to use that as an excuse.

P.S.S I dont take any supplements yet, and I've only been training for 1 month. ^^ (Compound lifts > Isolation).


Fixed that for you.


I will admit, I laughed and choked on the tuna I was eating when I read about the 20kg curl and it being a lot of stress.

First off, 11g of protein is not a lot.

Secondly, I think the reason you're getting smart-ass answers is because of two things:
1. You're basing the stress you place on your body on curls. Do some squats and throw that number around instead. Nobody is impressed by what someone can curl regardless of how long they've been training or how young they are.
2. You asked a question but responded like a bratty teenager. I guarantee you that people on this site know a shit-ton more than you. So listen and learn.

If this is actuallly a troll job, I just wasted 90 seconds of my life I'll never get back....


Was it your idea to get it, or his? And what else is in it? "A supplement high in protein" isn't very specific. Is it a protein powder, a weight gainer, a kitchen-sink formula with creatine, arginine, boron, and powdered tiger scrotum?

Unless I'm misunderstanding something, 250mls is about 8 ounces. So mixing your powder with 8 ounces of milk gives you 11 grams of protein? Dude, 8 ounces of milk by itself gives you 8 grams of protein.

Tell your father the following:

"Dad, I'm sticking to a well-planned weight training program designed to build muscle and strength. I lift weights at least three days each week and I've really been working hard for the last few months. In that time, I've increased my squat and deadlift by T and U pounds, and increased my overhead press and pull-ups V and W pounds.

I make sure to eat at least three solid meals everyday, starting with a big breakfast as soon as I wake up. I get at least X calories and Y grams of protein every day, and best of all, I sleep for Z hours every single night.

To take the next step towards my goals, many strength coaches and trainers would agree that a protein powder is a safe and effective supplement for me right now."

And, um... what are your numbers for T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z?


if you cannot get alot of whey just drink more milk. that is where whey comes from


easy with the curl thing bud..just realize you're a beginner and the advice you're getting is from people who are not. Don't worry about the supplements. I think everyone here agrees that 90% of them are a waste of money. Just eat alot. Have seconds at every meal, and don't worry about getting fat, you won't. Learn how to train smart, hard and consistent. Those are the basic ingredients to make more progress then the other beginners your age.



Colluci hit the nail on the head.


I apologize, I had had a rough day. And misread a bit.

Forgive me cryptology.