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Parents Say I Shouldn't Take Protein Shakes


I'm 16 years old and i lift weights for about 7 months. I calculated my daily protein intake should be 165 grams. This number would take alot of food to get. So i thought if i take shakes it will make it easier and i will get bigger and stronger. But my parents say that i can't take them untill i'm done growing and my doctor said the same thing.

But is it really that bad for a 16 year old teen, im mean come on it's only protein right? So should i take it or should i wait untill i'm 18 or until i trained longer?( if i have to train longer for it to have any effect)

excuse me for any faults, english is my second language.


If I were you, I'd ask my mom to prepare some additional food for me everyday, e.g. 2 chicken breasts. You'll get your protein and your mom will be happy with that as well I think.


Unless you have any current medical conditions such as liver problems, then you are fine to take the protein.

Also, 165 grams isn't all that much - I'm usually in the 350-450g range. How much do you weigh?

You can easily get 165g of protein from food alone, you don't actually need the powders just yet. Eggs, milk, meat & fish will get you there in about 3-4 meals.


165 grams really isn't that much food, you can to that easy without supplements.

Also, it's entirely backwards that your parents think that protein is bad for growing.


Unless you weigh about 100 lbs, then there's no way that 165g Protein is enough. But even 200g a day is not hard to get from food.

There's nothing wrong with protein supplementation, but if your finding it hard to convince your parents and they're paying for it, then you could look to alternatives.

Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Tuna, Salmon, Trout..........you see where this is going.

Just double your protein portions at your home meals!



This wasn't up when I posted.



i weigh around 75 kg wich would be 164 pounds. So if i mulitiply that 1.5x i get 246 grams, or should i first take 1 gram per pound?

i will eat more eggs, but i don't know how much protein 1 egg gives me


A large egg provides 6 grams of protein


164 should be the minimum you consume a day. It is probably optimal to ingest more.


Perhaps trying to respectfully educate your parents would help? Look up some articles and check out the citations.


Like everyone else, if you can get your protein via solid food, then that's totally cool. The protein powder is mainly a convenience thing, or a volume thing for the guys who have trouble simply eating enough.

Sounds like you may have to kick your doc in the nuts, though.


People I know(parents and guys my age) have told me that protein powders are bad for you 'cos ''it's not natural''. But then you ask them what about multivitamens(which most parents make their kids take) and they STFU


I started taking GNC weight gainer when I was about 12. I gained about 10 lbs to get to a HUGE weight of 100 lbs. The point is that all the protien in the world isn't going to help you if you don't have a good training program as well. My training program and diet sucked back then so I didn't grow much at all.

I was perfectly healthy while taking the weight gainer but I guess I expected it to make me grow without putting out much effort. The second point is you will do fine without the powder. Powder makes things a little easier sometimes and it has it's advantages but you will grow without it. The main advantage is fast absorbtion after a workout.

I take about 1 shake per day at most. Most of my protien intake comes from fish, eggs, steak, cheese, milk, chicken, nuts, etc.....

This could be a good learning experience for you. IMO it's best to get your protien from food sources. You will get a more steady digestion of the protien and you will also teach yourself how to eat properly. This is a great time for you to start cooking. Make some chicken breasts and experiment with seasoning. Hard boil some eggs and bring them to school with you. Buy some tupperware and start pre making meals. The list goes on and on. Find what works for you and you will be way ahead of the game. The powder is just a little something extra.


Or you can just say that it's just made from dairy :wink:



That site will tell you the nutritional breakdown of most foods (some food names can be a bit tricky to find though).

There is NO harm in taking in 1.5g/lb of bodyweight worth of protein at any age. I'm pretty sure that studies have actually found that there is no harm up to somewhere around 3g/lb (might even be more at this point).

Your parents are uninformed and your doctor is an idiot (sorry).

I'd agree with others though that if your parents won't budge on letting you take protein powder, then just have them buy huge quantities of meat, fish, and dairy products, and cook them for you (you've got to eat every 2-3 hours). My guess is that after about a week of this they'll cave and let you buy protein powder. :wink:

Alternatively you could cook the food yourself and learn a valuable skill/habit that will help you big time down the road.

It's a win win.


Most people have this strange notion that any supplement in powder form or concentrated is dangerous.

I like to ask them their opinion on powdered hot chocolate mix, or orange juice concentrate, or refined crystallized sugar, or powdered soup mix, or vanilla extract (which is generally synthetic), or any one of a million powdered spices. Normally they canâ??t come up with anything pithy to say.


I wouldn't be surprised if your parents ignored any attempts to educate them, adults and parents in particular rarely feel they should be listening to teenagers.

Just buy yourself some milk. Drink 3 litres a day. That should be 34*3=102 extra grams of protein. The extra kcals shouldn't hurt either if you have a fast metabolism. Parents won't tell you milk is bad for you [I hope].


You have typical stupid parents.


Most people seem to be comfortable with being wildly ignorant about a lot of things.

It's life.


So how have you been eating these past seven months? How much weight have you gained? How has your strength increased on exercises like the squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press, and row?

You might only be talking about protein now, but they could be expecting you to soon ask about taking other unnecessary supplements, maybe a fat burner next summer, or the latest Acme Brand arginine supplement to get better pumps in the gym.

Whey, as we all know, is the gateway shake.

(That's just a joke, y'all.)

Have your folks or the doctor suggested that you stop lifting weights for any reason? There's a good chance that they're, um, I won't say "stupid" like others have, I'll just say poorly misinformed.

If you eat breakfast, plus at least two other meals every single day, I don't see why you couldn't have a protein shake. However, like others have said, if you're shooting for 165 grams of protein, that really isn't much to get from food. One can of tuna fish has about 30 grams. A foot-long roast beef sub has about 50 grams. Like Sentoguy said, if you start cooking for yourself, it'll be easier.