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Parents Keep Child's Gender Secret


Apparently this whacked out couple is raising their male child as a girl and the other child doesnt even have a gender. They seem to believe gender is just a social construct.



Has anyone called child protective services yet?


Well, they're not incorrect in stating that "gender is a social construction" as that is indeed the case.

Sex is biological. Gender is constructed. And frankly, it doesn't really matter what gender you assign your child as their psycho-social development and their interaction with society will inevitably dictate their gender preference and sexual-orientation. Besides, despite the child's unconventional upbringing, I'm sure s/he will just grow-up despising its parents - which is quite normal!

Just another case of silly over-educated white people trying to be controversial.


they deserve jail


Why would you call protective services?

I'm just curious because I always wonder where to draw the line in terms of children and legal accountability.

If having children is your biological right, and the children are your property and not those of the state, how is it the government's right to interfere in your child rearing if you're not harming the child?

Even Christian Scientists get a bye by the gov when they don't take their kids to the doctors for "religious reasons" - why would this be any different?




Yep. SMH @ silly pseudo-intellectual white people.




Meh. There might be a few individuals that are like that of other races, but lets face it-- most of these wackos are white. Nothing but an observation. Nothing against white folk, I love white wimmenz.


you mean reverse racism?...


yes, its an observation that I, as a white woman, have also made and show great disdain for. So sue me.

Anyways, rich White folk, which are a cohort that are typically correlated with being highly educated, have nothing to "fight" for, nothing to complain about, no injustices to overcome of their own - so they just concoct stupid shit to be outraged about (unless they're bitching about not getting bigger tax breaks or something equally nefarious).

If only they'd channel their energies to helping out their fellow man, rather than trying to be "progressive" for the sake of their egos.


Well, as I see it pure ignorance to the fact that what they are doing to their children is/may be harmful to their development/health is not an excuse to let crazy people slide. Now I'm not saying they should take the children from the parents right away, but they should be made aware of the risks they are taking and if they are not willing to understand the children should be taken from them.

I do not agree with the fact that having children is a right. Not saying that anyone should be allowed to dictate who can give birth to children and not. Procreation is a priviledge not something to take lightly. We all have the responsibility to help out species move forward and see to it that our children will be best fitted for the society they will be grow up in/live in. (Inb4 nazism... Not that way)

And to the "your children are your property". No, they are not. They are individuals. They are not property. They are not something to play around with. If you cannot care for your childrens best they should not be in your care.



White and proud of it.


I see your point, which is valid, but I meant its a right to have children, as in I don't want anyone telling me that I can or cannot have children, nor do i believe in any kind of gov led eugenics project. And sure, I agree, its a privelege to be a parent and one that shouldn't be taken lightly.

But i also think there is a difference between seeing children as the products of your being (i.e. procreation) vs. the romanticisation AND idealization of these products.

I mean, yes, children are individuals, but if you are instilling your beliefs and behaviors into your children, then don't they "belong" to you? Otherwise, what's stopping me from calling protective services on a Jewish parent claiming that circumcision is a form of physical abuse?


Gender is a social construct: sex is not.

These parents are conflating them, and treating sex as if it's gender.


This is retarded.


Those kids will be crucified once they enter the real world(assuming the piece of shit parents let them, that is).


"But mommy, which bathroom do I use at McDonalds???"


Don't get me started on circumcision :wink:. Would you call protective services on someone for "female circumcision" aka mutilation?

How about if some parents decided that their god/spiritual leader said that humans should only have one kidney and parents had their kid remove one of their kidney? How about the appendix? One of their fingers?

How about a suicidecult? Should they be allowed to give their kids the "koolaid"?

Ignorance is no excuse in our society today and medical procedures, which circumcision is, should be done for purely medical reasons especially for people under 18.

But then again in my country(Norway) circumcision is not a normal thing to do to kids who don't suffer from too tight foreskin. So I might not see it like you. From what I understand male circumcision is fairly normal if not the norm in the US.