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Parents Giving Me a Blood Test to Check for Steroids. Help?

Currently with my parents for the summer, they think I’m juicing so they’re asking me to take a blood test to confirm. It’s a hormone panel.

I told them I used proviron to throw them off but they want assurance. Once I heard this I stopped it all immediately. (I will resume after the test) My last pin was on the 29th of May, and the test is on the 11th of June.

Is this enough time for my test to drop to natural levels? Obviously bloodwork will be screwed up but just based on test levels. Do I have a chance of fooling this? Any ideas anyone? Seriously need help or I’m out of the house. Below is the cycle

April 24- start (current cycle)

Tren ACE 225/wk 1-8

Test CYP 375/wk 1-4, 900+/wk (1.25cc MWF) wk 4-12

Anadrol 50-100mg 1-3 (bad sides, switched to anavar)

4-10 anavar 50mg/ day

How old are you?



Here’s the release rate for your current testosterone by the day of the test. Looks like it’s still pretty high relative to natural production.

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nah, esterified test can be detected for a while. Various esters/ drugs can be detected based on amt of time it takes for drug (and metabolites) to exit system (for hormones that are highly fat soluble such as 19-nors, this will take a while).

is it bloods or a piss test? If it’s a piss test get a good friend to piss in a jar for you, switch it out when being tested.

How old are you? If you’re parents are this intrusive and you’re 20+ I’d leave home if possible regardless. While AAS isn’t a healthy decision to make, there’s a certain point where one should be able to make their own decisions absent of parental consent/ approval, regardless of how stupid or irresponsible they may be. Parenting is merely a tool used to guide individuals (if done correctly) on the right path so they have the tools to grow up as an independent, successful adult when they come of age. However if you’re past a certain age, yet you still have overbearing, helicopter parents, the only way out (typically) is to pack up and leave. Granted I’m no expert on this, and am unqualified to be giving out any type of advice, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

The kids I know with very overbearing, overprotective parents (one of my good friends is 18, his mother won’t let him out of her sight, evangelical christian, extremely overprotective type) from my observations, actually end up being far naughtier/rebellious than those who have been brought up by more… normal parents. The dude (and understandably) can’t wait to go to college…

If you’re like 16-17 then… Should’ve thought of potential consequences/outcomes of you’re actions beforehand

Should say though, rebellion tends to come hand in hand with being a teenager (for some people). I’m quite the rebellious young whippersnapper myself (I dislike authority when it comes to said individuals abusing their power over the weak and/or helpless, and many times certain environments… say school… irritate the shit out of me and thus I don’t follow rules of which make no sense).

The state (in the country) I reside in has some of the most absurd driving laws. For one to be able to drive without an accompanying adult in the car they’re required to be at least 18 (have drive many, MANY hours, taken numerous tests etc). I’ve been driving since around age 8 (started with quad-bikes/dirt bikes, onto cars, tractors etc at about age 15), that and I generally have what some would consider above average spacial awareness, and thus have always been a very good driver), when I finally got my permit to drive independently I find out I’m only allowed to drive with one passenger in the car (between ages of 16-22)… Seriously, fuck that. I’ve driven with 5+ passengers prior to getting my permit. Then there’s other rules regarding school uniform policy dictating stupid shit like what socks one can and can’t wear, one isn’t allowed to pull out their cellular device under any circumstance, even if it’s to text parental guardians/family, check the weather (even during lunch), rules existing for the specific type of shoes one must wear etc, individuals caught out are legitimately punished, it’s infuriating and is a violation of one’s basic rights. While one can argue “school is an environment… they’re trying to keep the roads safe” blablabla, my counter argument is “if I’m legally considered an adult, I should have rights over my phone (especially during breaks) and what clothes I wear so long as they aren’t obscene and I’m not in an environment in which I’m employed by a large coorperation. I only use my phone to listen to music regardless. Secondly, with regard to road safety, numerous other states and countries exist without the ridiculous, nanny-state regulations with excellent road safety and low death rates, the restrictions put among drivers here is retarded and change ought to be implemented.”

Rant over

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plain and simple if your old enough to do roids your old enough to move out , lol especially that cycle above .

I’m only 21. Just with them for the summer

Exactly man. All my old friends are down here and I’m just not tryna pay for a second place unless I have to

Interesting. I figured after 14 days it would be somewhat near natural levels as I’ve only been pinning the raised dosage for a week.

Blood test. It’s JUST a hormone panel. So they’re not testing for gear, just looking for red flags. Which they will find regardless. If my test levels aren’t insane I might be able to pull it off though.

and your screen name lmao……. dude your 21 and doing that kind of cycle already , when did you start juicing ?? There’s no way around it , your gonna get caught . Go shack up with a buddy or something or try and tell parents your doing 250-300 mgs a test a week cause while your away at school you experienced erectile disfunction and you were embarrased your levels may drop by time results arrive to trt levels …just an idea .

on tren/var lipids will be shit. CBC (RBC/HCT may be elevated), as may liver enzymes, renal function, SHBG may be ridiculously low. Chances are, red flags will be abundant.

If test levels are normal (or within say 1.5 standard deviations within normal) pull a Nixon

deny deny dennnyyyyy

granted I don’t condone lying, I never lie to my parental guardians. If they ask me a question I’m always 100% honest, regardless of whether the truth will result in consequences as I believe being honest and open with my family is the best way to go about things.

Started using at 17 mate. Low dose test/ an oral. Than went from there

Yeah I can just say I used proviron or sarms to cover for the other stuff, they won’t know and granted that they knew I used sarms before, probably won’t care. Any way to lower my test levels?


You must’ve been super jacked by the time you hit 18…

How’s you’re cardiovascular health/risk factors. You’re hitting these doses at 21, how long do you realistically expect to live (just curious). Do you get regular checkups (cardiac ultrasound or even EKG?), when running like 1G+/wk (or any dose of tren/orals for that matter) it’d be smart to get cardiac evaluations on a regular basis.

Your 21 tell your parents to kick rocks your not a little boy anymore.


Yeah man I get blood work periodically. Usually after each cycle. I think my stuff was slightly under-dosed this time hence the larger amounts.

Here’s my reasoning for running high test. I don’t care who your source is, what they say, etc. I’ve gotten bunk gear before and it sucks.Tren is faked, var is faked, etc. You know what I’ve never had faked? Test. It works. I run about 2-3 cycles per year. This is on the larger side yes, but it works.

Way around this, check numerous forums (with associated reviews/labmax pics etc) of various brands, thus you can find which gear is legit and which isn’t. I’ve had some fire UGL test before that gave me better results than an equiv dose of pharm grade test. I’ve had UGL var that appeared to be spiked with something (stimulant of sorts).

Just because it’s UGL doesn’t equate to being faked. The reputable UGL’s here in Aus don’t typically fake their products as there is a large database of individuals who test their products on a regular basis, thus a false test or absence of quality results from products will drive said UGL’s out of business (and it’s happened before actually, on numerous occasions suppliers/brands have been cut-off/dropped from forums due to lack of product quality.

Secondly, blood tests aren’t the be all end all. A blood test won’t detect cardiomyopathy, while certain bloods (NT-proBNP for instance) can help diagnose the severity/presence of heart failure, AAS induced heart enlargement is typically sub-clinical and may not manifest with any symtoms, in some cases a deleterious effect on cardiac function doesn’t exist at all (until the heart enlargement reaches a certain point and/or a certain amount of damage is done in which cardiac function will slowly deteriorate). Tronopin can be used to assess whether you’ve had a heart attack and homocysticine can be a useful test, however bloods won’t give you you’re LVEF, cardiac parameters/dimensions etc.

When running heavy cycles (as you’ve specified above), one oughta have cardiac health monitered. What’s you’re resting heart rate, I can’t imagine it’s going to be particularly great on tren

Resting hr is 61-73 BPM. I’m usually around 55 to put that in perspective

The tren should be cleared by the time the test comes around, but it can mess with e2 readings on non-sensitive assays. If that happens then you’ll have a big red flag. Probably won’t happen, but be prepared to answer why your e2 is higher than most women.

If you are taking the test at labcorp or some place like that they can’t just give your parents the results of a person over 18. Technically that means the only results they get are the ones you give them… I’m sure you can use your imagination from there