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Parathyroid problems

ok, I am not sure all the details, these are just what I have gathered from my mom.

my mom has been having lots of kidney stone problems for the last few years. She has gone to the doctor and he has said that she has parathyroid problems. She either has high or low activity there, i am not sure which one, but she is not regulating her calcium correctly. She has been making kidney stones, and the doctor says that after taking calcium pills, her calcium levels are where they should be, but the stones keep comming. Now he is saying that if the problem doesn’t resolve itself soon, which it probobly won’t, then she should have her parathyroid removed.

Anyone know any other alternatives or what having it removed would result in(side effects, diet, etc.)

I know I probobly left out a ton of info and maybe even got some wrong, so if you have any more questions, I will be glad to answer them if you could help me understand what is going on, cause my mom is pretty lost. Thanks

No one knows anything?

Here are a few problems from my first post:

  1. Her calcium levels were normal without a calcium supplement, it was around 80.

  2. She has not been making more kidney stones recently.

  3. Her parathyroid hormone level has increased from 88 to 130 in the last year. The normal level, I am told is, 65.

Any feedback?