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Paraphasic Sleep


Are there any paraphasic sleepers? I was considering trying a paraphasic sleep schedule over the summer but I am not sure how it will effect lifting and recovery (after the transtional period). For those of you that don't know paraphasic sleep is having a 45-minute nap every few hours instead of one big block of sleep.

It gives you more waking daylight hours and supposidly after the transitional period it makes you feel more energetic so in the summer when this is feasible I might give it a shot.

Polyphasic Sleep & Recovery
Polyphasic Sleep & Recovery
Polyphasic Sleep & Recovery

Didn't Kramer try that on Seinfeld once? It didn't work out so well for him...


Why would you want to? Are all your friends going to do this also?

Why not just sleep at night, then take a nap during the day?


I think it takes around 90 min to get into REM sleep. So this would prevent you from reaching that


I work at 4:45 am to 7ish every morning so I split up my sleep to a few hours before work and a few hours after. Honestly, I'd much rather get a straight 8 hours.


I've done this before. It is not worth it. You may feel more energetic occasionally from the "naps", but overall a straight 8-9 hours of sleep followed by an afternoon nap is more beneficial due to GH release at night and naptime. If you want to try it gor for it, but my experience tells me it's not as hyped up as it's suppose to be.


First thing I thought of too when I read his post.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you can enter the REM state in 45 minutes.


That is true, but some believe that the body will go into more beneficial stages of sleep sooner if it 'knows' or adapted to having a short time to sleep.

I wouldn't do this for the sole purpose of training, just to try something new and get more hours in a day.


I'm seriously interested in hearing how this works for you should you decide to do it.


I believe that he based his sleeping habbits on those of Davinci who mayhave used Parahasic.

Personally i wouldnt even try to do this (because of what happened to Kramer in the show, yeah i beleive everything that happens on tv so what?, if its on tv it MUST be true.) but for experimental and curiosity reasons if you are willing to try then go for it, keep us posted.


A 2 hour and 15 minute workday, huh? Are they hiring?


I have a friend who tried it and was fried after a few days, even though he specifically laid off exercise until he acclimated. Bottom line: your body does more during its sleep cycle than just REM; hormone and nervous system regulation are also major components of sleep, and occur in different phases of the sleep cycle than REM sleep. Paraphasic is an interesting idea, but it makes some big assumptions about how sleep actually works. This from my parents, both psychologists.


According to the powers-that-be of Polyphasic Sleep (sorry for mis-terming it paraphasic before), the first two weeks of adaptation to it are rough. Although this article may not be entirely true in all its claims, it is a good explanation of it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyphasic_sleep


Its at UPS, part-time package handler. You can go to www.upsjobs.com and see if they are hiring in your area.


I remember reading some guys log about doing it a while back. He said overall it add more hours into the day (you only sleep for 3 to 4 hours, instead od 8). However, the first 2 weeks are KILLLEERRRR to get used to, and you go into zombie mode if you miss even a single nap(think of missing an entire nights sleep, thats the feeling).

He said he got so good at doing the naps he could sit upright in his cubicle and wake up exactly as planned, no alarm, and no one was the wiser.