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Paranormal State (TV Show)

I must admit this is a guilty pleasure…what do you guys think of this show?

Also, who watches psychic kids?

Great shows!

Ghost hunter on show: “Shhh…shh…did you hear that?”
Me on couch: No dumbass, you were talking.

I actually love these shows and used to watch TAPS and Ghost Hunters all the live-long day (unemployed). But then I kept getting frustrated by the lack of “evidence”.

Funny you should mention this as I just started reading a book how to be a “six sensory” person.

Coincidence…I think not.

You don’t know what happens when the camera is off.

“K you ready to throw a cup on the floor?”


“Okay rolling”



I watched Haunting on the Discovery Channel. Its interesting to think about that shit being real. But its funny how that and alien abductions happen alot in trailer park settings.

i liked when south park made fun of the ghost hunters in the billy mays / michael jackson episode…classic.

Honestly, Paranormal State sucks … worst of those types of shows imo.

Ghost Hunters and GHI are pretty good; I actually enjoyed Ghost Hunters Academy even though NOTHING even remotely paranormal happened

Ghost Adventures is pretty good except the guys get annoying and VERY misleading/jumping to conclusions VERY easily and frequently

I haven’t seen Ghost Lab yet on Discovery but I want to