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Paranormal Activity 3



Bloody Mary, really...That being said, I'll watch it as I like getting a jump from time to time.


Disappointed it's not following the story set out in 1 and 2. =/


No, but it gives us an explanation for why those white bitches kept getting haunted by spooks. This series is the new Saw, they'll crank one out of every year until people stop showing up.


DOH! My bad Jase, I didn't actually click the link, I was just going on other information I heard some time ago. Wrong info it seems. I'm all up for a prequel =)


never watched pt 2, 1st one was one of the worst pieces of garbage I have EVER seen


That Bloody Mary ghoul/spectre/whatever that appeared in the mirror has fairly decent delt development. I bet she does dumbell side raises with human skulls...



I've seen both and am not part of the group who thinks these are good horror flicks...but I give them credit for picking actors who did actually look somewhat realistic in how they reacted to each other. Perfect acting? Hell no...but they didn't do too much overacting.

I am not a fan of trying to show "real" footage in horror flicks. It didn't work for that alien movie either with the girl from Resident Evil.


I don't do "scary" movies, at all. My girlfriend at the time made me see the first one in the theater, and it scared the hell outta me. I slept with some lights on that night lol. I thought the second one sucked, personally. I think seeing a scary movie in a theater adds to the effect (saw the 2nd one at home) but it was just so predictable. It felt like they just lifted everything from the first movie and did it again, only now it's in a different house with different actors. I think the first one was scary, for me, just because I had no idea what was coming.

Probably won't be watching this one.


and I should mention, people that found that movie scary, I hate to say retarded, but are retarded


I was so hungover (from a number of things...) when I went to the first, I kept confusing myself and thinking it was real.


Call me Corky.


I didn't find the movie itself that scary...but that was my first night living in a new place. Got home at midnight to find my lights on the fritz and my new roommates cat making noises outside all night.....didn't sleep that night...


Yeah, I can see how a certain situation can create that feeling. Like I said in the other thread "Wrong Turn" scared me a bit, not that it's a really scary movie, but b/c of the location it took place in and where I was at the time