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Paranoid about Deca


First time deca user, as it was highly recommended by few friends for better results so I changed my inital plan of using primo in my cycle.

Week 1-12 Test E 250mg
Week 1-8 Deca 250mg
Week 1-4 Tbol 30mg (ed)
Arimidex 1mg (e3d)

I am on the 6th day of my cycle and the plan is to do a mild cycle with minimum dosages possible. The usual test effects like bloated face start showing but the usual excitement of department downstairs is not there so far.

I know this is one of the side effects of deca but some articles warn that this may be permanent and even after proper pct test levels may come back to normal but receptors may stay/become numb and libido problems may continue.

Should I replace deca with primo at this early stage of my cycle? Is 8 weeks in such low doses enough to cause any permanent damages?


250mg twice per week or once? if once you need to up the test to atleast 400mg 500 is what i recommend for beginners.


Deca was highly recommended by a friend but I wasn’t comfortable with it, and the doses recommended were all wrong so I skipped deca. Increased test e to 500mg and will be adding an old friend called tren (300 mg or so) to my cycle once 4-5 week tbol / test e kickstart is over. Will start arimidex at 1/4 e3d.