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Parallel Chins

Does anyone know the diffrence in terms of muscles involved and difficulty between supinated, pronated and parallel grip chins?


Supinated will hit your biceps harder and are generally easier to do.

Pronated will more fully involve the lats and forearms.

I don’t ever use parallel grip unless you count towel chins, and they are a mutha.

hey lunchmeat, I agree - as you move your grip from pronated, to semi-supinated (parallel), to supinated, you gradually involve more biceps and brachialis, and slightly less lats. The brachialis is the muscle between the bicep and humerus - since it attaches at both ends to the humerus, rather than to tendons/joints, it is worked more effectively in either a semi-supinated or pronated hand position. From what I understand, building the brachialis is critical to big guns, as increasing it’s size will push the bicep out, giving your arms a wider look.

IMO, it makes sense to perform w/all three grip positions.