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parallel box squats

how much carry over do you get from parallel box squats to full squats

WSB only trains box squats. They don’t even regular squat until the meet. That alone should tell you how important they are…

Search here and in the archives, as well as at elitefts.

oh yeah,I wasn’t asking about westside


I have alot of the westside videos and have read alot of the articles. The carryover from max box squat to a max contest squat varies for each individual.

However, as a general guidline, at 10% to your max box squat to get your max squat and you can add a further 10% for squat suit, wraps, contest adrenelane, etc.

If you asking about a full atg squat I think the carryover will vary but will be good. Squating off a box will develop the p-chain muscles whic in a full squat activate in the bottom. A 400 atg squatter could not squat say 600 off a box but a 600 box squatter who has never full squatted could squat 400 atg fairly easy. I believe a box squat will cause your full squat to go up with out even doing full squats…