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Parallel Bar Dips Grip Width


i have adjustable parallel bars so I wonder how wide should I set them for best chest stimulation? I heard 30 inches is good.

im only 5 7 btw


the bigger issue should be how wide to set them to not rip your shoulders off.

I prefer having the bars as close to shoulder width as possible.

But this post begs the question. If your goal is to get the best chest stimulation, why are you focused on doing dips?


Dips are best for triceps development imo.

Shoulder width is best as it won't destroy your shoulder capsule.


I concur.

it's easy to wreck your shoulders on dips. I usually grip as Bonez said, with an elbow tuck.

there are other better and safer alternatives to dips, but if you must use them for chest development, how much you lean forward will have a bigger role in pec stimulation than your grip width IMO.


I read somewhere that the best width is about the same as the length from your elbow to the tip of your middle finger.
I was making one of those PVC dip stands and was cruising the net looking at others designs etc, so I don't know for certain that that would suit you, but it is perfect for me. As bonez217 says, having them close to shoulder width feels better.
Dips are a good accessory movement for the chest, they develop strength in the shoulder/tricep and chest, especially when weighted.
Good luck.


because dips are a very good compound movement and every time I do them i feel it very good in a chest.many people recommedn widegrip leanining forward dips as a better alternative for pec stimulation.

more over , I have a home gym so I dont have a spot. only thing I wonder about is how wide exactly is the best for chest.sth like 3-4 inch each side from shoulder width I guess. And i laso dont know why peoiple are so afraid of wide dips but not the same grip bench press? i dont want to argue or sth, I know it depends on particular people and their antomical built.

sorry for my English


If you already feel them good in your chest why did you need to ask how to set up dips to work your chest??

Leaning forward is a good way to emphasize your chest but once you start adding weight it becomes difficult to do that.

Dips put more strain on the shoulders for most people, than bench press, because the bench press is inherently limited in its ROM at the bottom. With dips, you can go much further down and theres no bar to hit your chest to end the eccentric.



I have always had good luck with weighted dips for chest, but they must be done at the end of the workout.


I feel it good in the chest, but I dont know - maybe it can be still better?

since 2 workouts i do dips as the first chest exercise of my workout and dont get any shoulder pains etc. even though i take a wide grip (but forearms are still vertical, just like bench press).

I go down a bit further than parallel and my chest really stretches. Sometimes is a bit painful, then i know i shouldnt go as deep. I dont get any shoulder pain at all, but get some sternum tension, but i think it is quite normal.


From your previous threads, you have a history of drastically overthinking things. This statement is a prime example.

You don't need "better". You need "good", done consistently for the next 18 months.

On topic and for whatever it's worth, I broke my collarbone when I was around 7. Once I started lifting, I realized I couldn't do bodyweight dips without pain in that arm/shoulder but, interestingly, most machine dips give me no problems.


It's funny how after doing this stuff for awhile....your body will tell you what it likes, and what it don't. What movements it responds to, and what is a waste of time.

Pay attention to it.


It's like a superhuman ability!


I hate dips as they hurt at the clavicle. But Gironda liked them.

See link for a description: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_beginner/gironda_dips_1