How often does Parabolan need to be injected- EOD ?

What would be a reasonable way to use it in a 2 week cycle - be gentle folks - it´s 20 bucks an amp…

I didn’t think Parabolan was around anymore. Anyway, it’s extremely short acting. Back when I saw it being used (around ten years ago), the guys were often doing daily injections. However, considering the price involved for you, this wouldn’t be the most practical protocall. So, maybe two or three times a week would be more apropriate.

what does EOD stand for

I never saw a half life value, but the
original (real) Parabolan probably had
a half life of 5-7 days or so. The reason
for frequent injections was no doubt simply
to get enough into the system, as it was
not very concentrated (76 mg/mL if I recall

There is no real Parabolan anymore except
perhaps for a few private stocks (and probably
not even any of these, they’re probably long used
up.) It’s been out of production for I think at least
2 years now (I don’t recall exactly.)

parabolan is still around, but very hard to come by - alot of fakes too, so be careful. if it’s real parabolan, it’s trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate at 76mg/ml. the hex is a long-acting ester, so you can inject every 5 to 7 days. trenbolone acetate (fina-h or comp-th cattle implants converted into an injectable) is very popular and very common (and ALOT cheaper). the acetate is a much shorter-acting ester, so more frequent injections are needed - usually e.o.d. (every other day). hope this helps. good luck bro.

If you’re finding someone selling you Parabolan online, it’s fake and most likely total crap. Unless you know someone who has had stock lying around for the 2-3 years since Negma stopped producing it, you’re getting bogus product, though this doesn’t mean that it is positively junk - there are some fakes that have the real thing. But, why would you pay $20 an amp for bunk gear when you could locate a fina cart for around $30-40, buy a kit for $30 more, and have around 23 amps worth of tren for the price you’d pay for only 3 or 4 amps? You’d know you’re getting the real thing, and you won’t be injecting yourself with an unknown substance. Trust me, (and Bill Roberts for that matter) it isn’t worth it since all the real Parabolan is gone. I’ve even heard many stories of top competitors who can’t find the real thing, so what makes you think that someone selling the stuff to Joe Blow is going to have it? Just get the fina, buy a kit, and you won’t be sorry.

Real Parabolan used to be 76mg/1.5ml! So it is(was) even less concentrated! I did one cycle of para/test years ago and It really was a nice steroid.

There are lots of Parabolan floating around i scandinavia, selling very expensive, but I am pretty sure they are fakes! I havn,t seen the vials so I cant tell if they look like the originals!