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Parabolan (Tren Hex) VS Tren Enanthate


Getting ready for summer and will be running Tren for a while, with other compounds of course.
My question is in regards to the mythical qualiities of Tren Hex.
I can purchase either in powder form, but Hex is 4 times the cost of enan. Is it worth the difference?? I've ran enan and acetate in the past and enjoyed each one's results.

From what I've read, some swear that HEX (parabolan) is the grandaddy mac of all. Is this true?
I'm currently down to 205 lbs @ 5'6" tall and pretty ripped. I'm looking to harden up some more and increase my vascularity.


you will notice no difference...its "mythical" qualities are that people still fall for it and pay 4 times the price....as far as tren goes acetate will always be king in my book. But the base chemical is trenbolone regardless.


Dude you're back, I haven't seen you post for ages. Wher've ya been?