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Parabolan + Equipoise

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I stopped training and the juice 3 weeks ago because I was getting tired and felt I needed a little break. So I went on vacation to the Riviera Maya in Mexico but I got some mad food poisoning for 5-6 days over there. I think I must’ve lost about 30lbs over there because more than a week later when I got back I was still 18lbs less then before leaving! But I started the gym again and started parabolan and equipoise . It should give me a nice boost in energy, as I tried that combo in the past and got good results with it. I’m gradually building up the parabolan and only have minor tren cough so far. I’ll settle at 175mg parabolan with 300mg equipoise every 3 days. Should be good for me, I’ll adjust the dose if needs be but I never needed really high doses to get a good effect. Here’s a quick pic of me tonight at 289lbs and yes I know that I need to get my bodyfat down and get a better lighting spot! lol

My first day back in the gym in June I did 3 plates for one rep on the flat bench, yesterday night I did 4 plates for a double, third one got spotted… So I’m very happy, I’m progressing really fast in just 4 months back in the gym! I’m gonna beat that fucking cancer! I left the video as it is, no music this time and in french!

have you researched if AAS speeds up the growth or hinders recovery from cancer? I mean I know 100% you should NEVER EVER take HGH if you have any form of cancer but I wonder if the same can be said about AAS.

Of course it speeds up recovery, no way in hell I could workout like I do now without it. I’m not 100% like I was before but I’m coming along great. I think it depends on the type and severity of the cancerous tumour. Mine is pretty nasty and inoperable. I haven’t found any reliable studies if they speed up the growths but so far none of my doctors think it does.

Of course you’ll find thousands of BS articles about how the steroids are like the devil, but no serious studies from reputable sourcse. How do you think Lance Armstrong came back from cancer? lol

T3 at 50mcg per day would be a good addition.

I’m nearing the end of this cycle and it’s been great lost a little weigth and gained some strength. Made this video tonight, 4 and a half plates finally again oh yeah fuck cancer!!!