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Parabody Power Rack

I am looking forward to buy a power rack.

unlike people in states, I am in Australia, I can only get what is available arround here, and the brand that local stores stock. I found few different brands, bodymaker, powertec and stuff. however, there aren’t any stores that they stock nyc or bodysolid or elitefts(even i can’t afford them…)

But i found parabody power rack.
which looked very stable, but the price is bit higher…guess i have to make some eye contacts with the store manager…

The question is… how is the quality of the parabody power rack… to me they look better than nyc or bodysolid level but bit lower than elitefts…

If i buy this rack, how much would you pay for this??? I mean in US $.

I don’t know where you live, but have you looked at ebay or ordering from an online store?

You will have to pay the shipping fee, but depending on where you live it may work out ok. Where I used to live it was often cheaper to pay freight than to buy locally. Depends how much they want to rip you off I guess.

Sorry I can’t actually help you with your question about the parabody rack. But keep in mind what features you want or might want later like dips bars and lat tower.

I would like to get a power rack as well if only I had a place to put it. I am wondering how much quality do you need in a rack? As long as it has all the features you need and is rated to hold the weight you are going to use, what else do you want from it?

Having said that, I like the powertec rack which is about twice the price of some of the others. Well, you’re only going to buy this once right?

Hope this helps when you compare look to the gauge of the steel. thickness of the walls that make the tubes.you may want checkout site.

Thanks for your replies.
What I need is just something that weren’t break weighting 200+ kg max…

I only need very simple thing and something will last… the only reason i placed parabody rack higher than nyc rack is because the safty bar is actually thick square tube which the nyc rack isn’t…

the price is pretty high… $800 US
I am in Australia so the price is bit more i think… wow,. just relised it is twice as expensive than nyc…

The relisation of the price of the rack makes me to think of just buying cheap on ebay(australia).

With regards to the safety bar on the parabody rack… it’s hard to see in pictures, but check how the safety rails are secured to the frame. If those nice big thick safety rails are fixed to the frame by skinny little holding pins then it’s no better than the other racks.

Just make sure you check what weight the rack is rated at before you buy. I would have thought all power racks would handle over 200Kg, but I just looked at one on ebay (JAZFIT-PR76) and it says it’s rated to 160Kg. The powertec is rated at 454Kg but is probably twice the price.

Best of luck.

Like above said just cause they look BIG don mean dick hell look at the Titanic :slight_smile:

they may be made of thin flimsy steel.

I can say with certain those bars on the nybb rack will hold that 200k easy if tats the worry. ive had well over 340 k on mine dong rack pull with no prob three years and as good a working shape as day 1