Parabens in Liquid Antacid

I suffer from pretty bad GERD. I do take protonix, but I have been using this liquid antacid. Should I be concerned that it contain parabens? I’ll windup having to use it usually 1-2 times a week.
Ingredients: Active: aluminum hydroxide (equiv. To dried gel, USP) 400 mg, magnesiumhydroxide 400 mg, simethicone 40 mg.; Inactive: butylparaben, carboxymethylcellulose sodium, peppermint oil, hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, potassium citrate,propylparaben, purified water, simethicone emulsion, sorbitol

It’s the only thing that’ll work instantly on short notice. It seems parabens are in all liquid antacids. I could take baking soda, but that is very abrasive on my stomach and it seems to have a rebound effect. Also, I have a testosterone test on Monday morning. I just took some(about a table spoon 1 serving) of the product listed above. Would it affect the test? It’s 10PM Saturday night as I write this.