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Para W/O Nutrition and Receptormax


Where would Receptormax fit into a Para Workout nutrition plan like the one's described by Nate Green or Christian Thibaudeau??


It would be great for taking right before a workout to increase the sensitivity of the insulin receptors, I believe allowing more energy to be pushed into muscles instead of making fat?


You should ask in CT's forum


Para-workout is now used by CT to describe everything before, during and after the workout

So para-workout refers to Pre-workout + Peri-workout + Post-workout

From what I understood..


This is one of those things where words get new usages with new meanings on the fly.

I absolutely agree with you on the questionable suitability of these prefixes.

It seems to me the usage being adopted on the fly is of "peri" meaning, in this context, during or at midpoint; and "para" meaning everything directly associated with it, so therefore pre, during, and possibly post, though now there is a lot less emphasis on post.


Thanks for the English lesson. Anybody want to give their opinion on Receptormax and it's impact on trying to achieve the insulin surge?


Damn. I was going to point this out today.

You are a fine human being, MODOK.


Well, I do use it in the protocol. I haven't done an each-way comparison of doing the exact same thing, or virtually so, both with and without so I did not comment up to this point. But as you ask again:

I have in the past taken Receptormax and for whatever reason failed to get the carbs in at the expected time shortly afterwards, due to suffering a delay of some kind (such a received telephone call that had to be taken care of and took a while.) There was no question, as I can tell this by feel, that blood sugar dropped in a way that wouldn't have happened had I not taken the Receptormax. So I don't doubt it increases glucose uptake.

I also take it because I'm a big believer in both acetyl-L-carnitine and Co-Q10, and before Receptormax was spending a lot of my money on those two things. (Quality Co-Q10 is not cheap: there are brands that are modestly priced but they are not sourced from quality material.)

As to how I use it with the protocol, actually I take all 5 capsules for the day 15-30 minutes before the large carb intake. This is just a personal method: I don't find it too much, and -- other than a second amino pulsing later in the day that has a modest amount of carbs -- I'm pretty low carb the rest of the day right now. I have no basis to recommend that others take the entire day's worth at the same time.

Thibaudeau's protocol I expect does not require the Receptormax, otherwise he would have said so. Is it worth doing if one can afford it? I think so. Should the protocol be passed up because one cannot afford the Receptormax? I don't at all think so.


Thank you. That is what I was looking for.