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Papermag Subscription for Aussies?

Chris Shugart or anyone, I would like to order a subscription to the paper mag, but your office staff tells me that, “Unfortunately, subscriptions are
only available within North America”

Does this mean that Aussies can’t order the paper mag, or we can only order the paper mag from the US and have them sent to Australia. I find it a little hard to believe that you won’t take Australian orders for a paper magazine.

Sorry, Camelia, I really don’t know. Maybe the other Aussies on this board can tell you if they were able to subscribe. If not, I guess you could find a Yank friend, get the issues shipped to his home in the States and then he could mail them to you. Kind of a pain, I guess. Or just head to Brisbane and ask to borrow Ian’s copies. :slight_smile:

There is an Australian company called body performance gear, which imports Biotest products…they should have the paper mag…can’t post the site but it’s the same as the name of the company…ordered some stuff from them before and they were pretty reliable. Hope this helps

Camelia, you’re out of luck. I signed on as an Aussie VIP right when T-Mag came on the net and I haven’t been able to BUY one of these mags - although I’ve tried to each time! What annoys me is how Tim Patterson goes on about how theres all this new cool information in the paper mag that won’t find its way into the online mag - so you better subscribe. But he doesn’t say “for North Americans only”. I already made the suggestion for an e-mail subscription for The Rest Of the World, but T-Mag didn’t like it.

Remember, T-mag/Biotest is a very new company. I’m sure Tim wants to go international with the magazine; why wouldn’t he after all? Perhaps as the magazine grows, international subscriptions will come about in the future. Biotest is starting to pop up in Australia. I’ll bet the mag will follow. (Granted, this isn’t my department; I’m just guessing.)

This is a disappointment. I was really looking forward to subscribing. Tan, Body Performance Gear is 15 minutes from where I live, but their information about things is terribly unreliable eg. one minute they can, one minute they can’t. I suppose I’m going to have to find someone in the US who can ship me my mags every 2 months. :frowning:

Stink…i live in New Zealand…i have been
thinking to order it!