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Has anybody heard of this new product??It is an anabolic steroid…well androgenic as well…but, instead of tablet form the Dianabol is contained within a single sheet of paper! The squares are cut up, and each square coontains 10mg of D-Bol!! Taken sublingually, and then swallowed, it has a faster absorption rate(apparently, I’ve never used it), and is safer to transport…

We must be on the same schedule, 'cause I just asked the same question. I am real skeptical about it, but I’ll try it. Do you know how to get it, if in fact it was legit?

Pat, my first reply to you wasn’t accepted, so I’ll try again.I’ve been hearing alot about this PaperBol stuff through private BB boards, and thats where I got all of my info…I guess thats all I can say, without giving away the farm.

It’s legit. There are paper versions of several products available. The only reason it’s in paper form is for shipping purposes. There is no advantage (or disadvantage) to it being in that form.

Here’s some of the advantages I was given to using the Paper products…

SEIZURE-PROOF - outward appearance of an ordinary

  • SUPERIOR INGREDIENTS - only high-grade raw materials

  • COST-EFFECTIVE CYCLES - customer orientated price

  • GREATER GAINS - more effective than tablet form

  • FASTER ABSORPTION - can be swallowed or taken

  • ALLERGY-FREE FORMULAS - no binders and fillers added

  • PEACE OF MIND - easy to conceal format

  • CONVENIENT - cut the dose you would take throughout
    the day and carry them in your wallet

Hey man, if 45 minutes after ingestion you start hearing sights, seeing sounds and Pink Floyd starts making sense to you, then it ain’t Dianabol!

LOL bz. I think I know where you’re coming from. Anyway, I agree that it’s a clever distribution method, but I don’t see the product quality being any greater (or less) in a paper form. Just a nifty way around certain hassles.

excellent and undetectable by customs