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Paper Trick Needed

Imagine your pinter just printed out 80 pages of paper. You have to go through each page and number it and glance over it for any major blurbs. Now imagine you’re getting paid to do this and you have 2 minutes. is there a way to make the sheets stick to your finger tips and therefore be able to cycle through them easier? I know it sounds silly but you guys and gals don’t know how much you’d be helping me. Licking my fingers is out of the equation.

That’s 1.5 seconds per page. I think perhaps some freebase might help.

Rubber fingers. They look like rubber thimbles. They can be bought at any office supply store. Very useful.

[quote]lorman7 wrote:
Licking my fingers is out of the equation.[/quote]

Use a slightly damp sponge, hit your thumb to the sponge, pull the paper.

Open up Word in a new file, go to the footer section and put in a autofield so that the program will put page numbers on the pages, then do a ton of page breaks in the electronic file to get to 80 pages…then put the pages back through the printer to print the page numbers and as they are printing you scan them.

Gonna take longer than 2 minutes, but it will look professional vs. you hand written page numbers and probably be faster than if you did it manually.

Missed this earlier. Stack the papers and line up the edges exactly. Using your knuckles, press really hard in the middle and drag them in one direction (away from you is best). You’ll have to make a few passes but you’ll end up with the pile slightly skewed in the direction you’re pushing in.

You should now be able to simply lift the top sheet every time because it’s protruding fractionally more than the one underneath.

You’ll know if you’re pressing hard enough because the friction will burn your skin.