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Paper T-Mag #3

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m Jones’n for the new paper mag. We got teased when, I think, Tim said they would be sent out November 13. I’ve been going home every day hoping that the new mag will be in the mail box, and every day I get shot down. Before I get some one telling me that I need to subscribe to get the third and subsequent paper mags, I have subscribed. I just need a fix of the paper mag.


Yeah, I feel the same way. Been waiting for it ever since Tim mentioned it in BTS. I thought he said the mag was being sent out on Nov 13. I figured I have it by now. Anyone recieve it yet, besides the contributors of t-mag(lucky bastards)?

Harley, I spoke with T-mag yesterday about the seminar. I also asked about the paper mag, and they said they were sent out at magazine rates, and that it takes 2-3 weeks from the date of shipment. Should be their soon.

I know what you mean man…I get excited leaving work only to get dissapointed…

I cant wait!!!


Okay, here’s the 411. The mags were mailed to subscribers last week. If you haven’t received it yet, you probably will pretty soon. They’re “in the mail” as they say. Give us a call if you don’t get yours and you’re a paying subscriber. (If your mailman starts looking buff, you’ll know what really happened to it!) Now, if you’ve moved, be sure to contact T-mag with your new addy.

Subscribers will get theirs first and we may mail out a few more freebie copies to other readers (old VIPs, Biotest users, etc…) We might be on regular magazine racks soon, too. Of course, all freebies would stop at that point because they’d all be on the shelves. Hope this helps.

Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one checking the mail box for T-mag #3 and being disappointed each day! Ever since Chris said he got his, I’ve been eagerly awaiting its arrival everyday!

Let’s get a move on! I’m hurting for more T-mag info!

Well, I wrote this post at work, and when I got home there it was. My girlfriend had brought in the mail and thrown everything in a pile on the stairs. When I looked down I could see part of the yellow Testosterone from beneath the junk and bills. I immediately ripped into the mag disregarding the bills. The mag is very cool. I was reading it when my girlfriend came home, I have no idea what she said because I was too engrossed in the articles. Ever since T-Mag put the cover on the site I’ve been trying to figure out what the T-Man was doing. It looks like he’s starting a 100m sprint, but upon closer inspection he is posed like Arnold from the first Terminator movie when he gets sent back in time. T-Man even has the same orb of energy around him like Arnold. I hope everyone starts getting their copies soon, because the damn thing is full of information and I’m sure it will spark many a heated forum discussion.

Aaaah! I am T-maggio! I need T-mag for my brain cells and muscles! Are you threatening me? You will give me T-mag?!

Seriously, gotta get my fix. It has been a long time since issue #3 has been promised to be out. Waiting for a new issue of T-mag every Friday is tough enough :). Very intellectually stimulating, though.

Why, oh, why, “regular” muscle mags suck so bad?