Paper Products

what are paper products. I have not heard the term before.

you know, like paper plates, paper towels. There is a whole aisle in the grocery store dedicated to them.

[quote]thebigguy wrote:
what are paper products. I have not heard the term before.[/quote]

thanks for the information, but i was not trying to be a smart ass. i read the steriods post daily and have been seeing the term paper products. in one post the they were compared to oral pills. are they oral steriods on paper tabs like what you see with lsd?


Paper products are made for one reason:

Basically, oral substances are “sandwitched” or absorbed onto and between 2 sheets of thin grid paper. They are stuck together tightly to form something that feels like a thin piece of cardboard.

In customs, they are about as suspicious as a Hallmark card for your grandma’s 80th birthday. Hence their popularity internationally.

Most all producers of paper are UG but that is not to say that they are of any lesser quality than tablets, etc.

What I’m saying is that since u live in the US, I would personally make the choice of just buying brand orals from a trusted company. The reason being US customs sucks ass (which is a good thing by the way), and there’s no real reason to buy something from a UG lab, which has to be cut for every dose and might get loose and powdery…

Just my opinion.

I have used Paper Drol and I had no problems with it becoming loose/powdery and they seemingly worked very well. Only downside was the taste is a little off when you chew it. -BC