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Paper products

What is up with these paper products that are being developed? They seem too easy and too good to be true. Lets get some feedback to prevent us from either wasting money or passing up on killer deals. Peace

Dude, what are you talking about? What ‘paper products’? Am I missing something?

I don’t know if maclar was being sarcastic or not but paper products are legit. The steroid is dissolved into the paper and you consume it like orals. Forms that I know of include paperbol (dbol), paperstrol(winstrol), and paperdrol (anadrol). I will be using the paperbol here shortly and will give feedback.

I know that you can’t say where you can get it from, but it sure sounds like something I would love to try.Sorta reminds me of blotter acid when I was a kid, OOps my age is showing.

Scott, I really didn’t know what the hell he was talking about! I’m not savvy at all about steroids, not even close…out of my league, sorry man!

Yeah Paperbol etc, was what i was talking about. These make total sense and oh so easy to transport. I just seems kinda crazy that you can get the good onto little pieces of paper. I hope the source is legit. I plan on trying some soon. I heard that they might be comming out with an anavar version too.

I have tried PaperStrol, and was very impressed. They are also coming out with anavar and primo products soon.

They’re good.
It’s not dissolved into paper, rather layered between 2 sheets of paper, like a sandwhich. When cut some will fall out, however no need to worry as they’re overdosed by 10%.

Last I recall, they originate from Thailand. They are great but never buy them from anyone except RC… They are way to easy to fake.

Did you guys use the source that is on "vacation"for the next few days? Trying to decide on the source, any hints?

Yeah, I think he is on vacation - RC is the only source of paper products.

Thanks fellas! I was thinkin of tryin some other dude but upon your advice I will be patient and wait for RC. I will try the strol and bol and keep ya posted on the results