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Paper for Class: Hellenistic Age


I'm losing my mind trying to think of who to ask and where to get info on a paper I've got due for school and well I was on here and I figured why not try the Off Topic section? Anyway the particular topic assigned to me is just "Caesar's involvement in the Alexandrian War". The class is about the Hellenistic Age and this is basically just the term paper.

Anyway i gotta be honest i havent kept up with this class so i need help with the info for this. I'm not asking anyone to write a paper, just maybe some guidelines for what to research or particular links to look at? I dont know if its dumb that i post this on here but like i said im at a loss.


If you're looking for a generic guideline of stuff to point you in the right direction Wikipedia is pretty decent at that if you know nothing.


You gotta understand Caesar's policies, what the Alexandrian War was all about, and how they played a role with each other.

You see Julius had Cleopatra trapped in a pit in his basement where no one could hear her scream. Her would often give her Jergens to keep her skin moist, but sometimes she refused. Then Jules would yell down in a gravely voice, "It puts the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again." Cleopatra hated the hose.

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The moral of the story: do your own damn homework.


Literary genocide. Truly a heartbreaker.

I've not gotten far enough in the series yet, but maybe HBO's Rome will help you.


Brilliant show btw.


First off you have to be wary of using the internet, make sure you cross reference sites to help reduce the likelihood of any erroneous information(especially key dates).

Second write yourself a mini timeline as guide for your paper.

Third is that the fully title of the paper? if not does it include words like 'evaluate' or phrases like 'to what extent'? These kind of things are important and you should write the paper accordingly.

I found this you lazy mofo:



A timeline of the metamorphosis from republic to empire.

Learn to work hard now and it'll pay off later(big time).
In fact history is one of the greatest subjects because you can learn from the mistakes and the triumphs(see i used a pun) of past generations.


HueyLewis: Google, wikipedia, the books/papers your teacher assigned, & paying attention in class. In reverse order.

Malonetd: I now have a crush on you.

Pushmepullme: Rome is the greatest series ever & you get to see James Purefoy naked. Thanks for the reminder, I am now in an excellent mood!


You should probably research government, wars and famous people from the era along with culture. I'd focus on religion, lifestyle, and class systems as these are usually the academia criterion.


Pick up Plutarch's The Fall of the Roman Republic and Caesar's The Alexandrian War (attributed to Caesar, anyway). You can probably find both online and they are both quick reads. I'd back that up with some modern scholarship; any commentary by a modern historian will do.


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thanks for the help, even the squats and milk...IvanDmitritch thats very helpful i actually came across the Caesar's Alexandrian War today before signing on, and for those of you whose suggeston is to pay attention and do it for myself, ill be sure to do my best inventing a time machine to go back to the beginning of the semester.


Hah. Yes, it's T-Nation posters' fault that you procrastinated.



I am confused... Ceasar in the Hellenistic age????...

Ptolemoy Egypt was already a secured Roman protectorate/ally, following the defeats of Antiochus (sp) III the great. Well before Ceasar ever showed up, give or take 100 years.

If u want a REAL fun topic on the Hellenistic age, talk about the Greek kingdom of Bactria in present day Afganistan. Foremly a part of the Seleucid empire and then broke off on it own. At its hight it streched into India.


Its scary how my test (which was suppossed to be today but i didnt show up so i get to do it tomorrow instead) has this 1 essay part which is about the whole alexander the great stuff.. haha


yeah since you seem to know what you're talking about on the topic, we had to hand in 3 possible term paper topics and he would advise which was best. he kinda took one of mine and played with it and basically suggested i write about, and im typing what it literally says on my paper, "That would not deal with any particular aspect of the Hellenistic Age. Why not examine Caesar's involvement in the Alexandrian War?"

i like your suggestion of Bactria but do you have anything that i could specifically write about it? not that your suggestion was weak but this guys a hard ass who looks for like deep intuitive arguments and evidence provided. if i just kinda give him info on Bactria he'll blast me for simply giving him a timeline of what happened. thanks again.


hum... I see.... well most 101 History books barely mention Bactria, so you will have to look in the library, or online history journals to find out more about the Greek Bactrian kingdom.
In backtria there were several important things to write about:
a- The break with Seleucid's and battles with them.
b- Conquest of India.
---inside the India the "Indo-Greeks" and the mixing of cultures.
c- Internal divisions and fall to the Saka (horse nomad type people).

The following are some books I found about Bactria in another forum I frequent:

Thundering Zeus (Baktria - excellent) Holt

The Greek Kingdom of Bactria Sidky

The Greeks in Bactria and India W.W. Tarn

The Indo-Greeks A.K. Narain

The Greeks in India : A Survey in Philosophical Understanding, Demetrios Th. Vassilides https://www.vedamsbooks.com/no15423.htm

Intercourse Between India and the Western World H.G. Rawlinson http://books.google.ie/books?id=UmMn...efox-a#PPP1,M1

now... I am no expert in Ancient history I just know a few things most people don't. Btw is this for H.S, college intro class, advanced class????


I don't know about the Greeks but the last paper I wrote my professor gave me a b even though the paper was horrible (i knew i did a shitty job but deindustrialization in Ohio is so boring.) just because I called some people and referenced them in my paper. So maybe call someone from a museum or something professors love that.


I know this is the first time posting in a while, but this is my shit. I can help you out but you need to narrow down that topic to at least something writable-- I'm assuming this is for college because no high school class would focus on just the Hellenistic Age, which Caesar was definitely in, and I hope your professor would want a more defined topic.

Definitely start your paper with a background of how Julius Caesar got involved (i.e. civil war with Pompey). This is a HUGE deal, because even though Pompey was beheaded by King Ptolemy prior to this, his army continued to flee and got itself mixed in the Alexandrian War. I thiiiink but am not positive, but Caesar aided Cleopatra and kicked the crap out of both Pompey's army and Ptolemy's army.

This allowed for Cleopatra to rise to rule and if you know anything about Roman history, she was a big deal. She and Mark Antony had a thing going and ultimately (not exactly because of the affair, though), a civil war between Octavian (soon-to-be Augustus) and MA/Cleopatra ensued. Augustus finally defeated them at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC (which is conveniently the final year of the Hellenistic Age) and thus secured his position as emperor (it's kinda complicated) of Rome. Ok, so this turned out to be a really Roman paragraph rather than Greek, but I hope some of this jibberish is helpful to you to start a paper.


Correct me if I'm wrong -- it's been a while since I took my last course in Roman history -- but Pompey landed in Egypt without his army. After Pharsalas, very little of Pompey's regular army was alive and most of the survivors were incorporated into Caesar's army. Caesar then pardoned a number of the more important figures and they ended up in Spain with Pompey's sons. It was only after Caesar installed Cleopatra as the undisputed ruler of Egypt that he dealt with the remaining Pompeian forces -- they didn't play any role in the Alexandrian War. (That I'm aware of, anyways.)

I know Plutarch mentions Caesar's affinity for Cleopatra and the fact that Ptolemy's eunuch, Pothinus, and his general, Achillas, were plotting against the two of them. Caesar had Pothinus killed, but Achillas made it back to Ptolemy's camp and ignited full scale war. I think Caesar's involvement in the civil war had more to do with wanting a controllable power in Egypt at a time when his own rule was far from secure. He had yet to deal with the remaining Pompeian faction and considering Egyptian wealth financed Roman power, he didn't need an opportunistic Egyptian monarch causing problems in the future. Cleopatra wanted power and Caesar needed cooperation -- both needed Ptolemy out of the way.