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Paper Cycle - Input Please


Hey guys,

I'm new to this board but would like some input on a paper only cycle. I recently received some products from our favorite Cat and am on day 3 of my cycle now. I'm using PaperDrol and PaperStrol, and then going to finish up with some Clomid. This is my first time with these particular AAS, and I've done my research in full.

My dosages are:
100mg drol/day with weekends off, for 5 weeks
30mg strol/day with weekends off, for 7 weeks
10mg/day Clomid therapy after finishing strol, for 10-14 days.

These will be used concurrently, so it'll look like this, where the '=' represents a week (the dots are nothing):

= = = = = (weeks on anadrol)
= = = = = = = (weeks on winstrol)
......................= = (clomid therapy)

Do these dosages sound right? I was considering only using 50mg of Drol per day, but I really want to put on serious bulk so I'm starting with 100mg all the way. I really don't want to end up shopping for a bra or a toupee, so I hope I'm doing the right thing by my body.

Also, for anyone who has used RC's products, what are they supposed to taste like? Mine don't have much of a taste at all...a kind of chalky taste with only a barely detectable hint of bitterness. I thought they would full-on taste bitter and sour like pills!


I'm using some of RC's var right now, and I've noticed the same thing you have in terms of there not being a strong taste, although I do notice that the spot where I hold it under my tongue for a few minutes feels sort of weird after it sits there for a bit. Almost like a dull ache that goes away after a few minutes.


I don't really get that numbness/soreness sensation under my tongue if I hold the square under there for a while. But I guess I'm too impatient beause I end up chewing it into a little ball and swallowing it!

Maybe it's because of the different active ingredients, since you're using Anavar. My Drol and Strol taste kinda the same though, which I think is a bit weird because they should taste different. I ordered direct from RC, so they should be the genuine products. But there's just this little niggling taste issue in my mind; that they should taste stronger or taste different to each other, but they don't...I mean, I'm new to this paper stuff, but there's just that little doubt in my mind; that I feel like I'm chewing on nothing but paper with glue and talcum powder stuck to it. No insult intended towards RC, of course, but I've always been a bit of a skeptic towards anything I don't have direct proof of. Can anyone allay these doubts and give the paper anabolics their vote of confidence?


One of our authors here believes in the cat. And I believe in said author.


As far as I know, unless your a girl you need at least 50mg ED of oral winny. With paper you may want to take 60mg just to be sure your getting at least 50mg.

Anadrol is good, but most of the gains are water, so don't be surprised if you lose a lot when you come off.

Good luck!