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Paper Anabolics?


So what exactly are these? Someone was talking/recommending them on another site and I was a tad confused. At first glance, I would have to assume that they are sheets that are soaked in the chemicals. The person mentioned paper Dbol and paper OT.

Has anyone heard of this? Would you even be able to say the doses per paper tab would be accurate? Or is this just some kind of scam/gimmick? Love to hear from someone who has heard of this type of thing or, even better, has experience with it. Thanks in advance for your help


I've only heard of one source that does "paper" and to the best of my knowledge he has a really good reputation.



The first and so far only time I've used D-bol was the paper version. I found the drug to be a little weaker than I expected, but it definately worked. The best thing about them is the odds of your gear being confiscated is so close to zero it might as well be.


Thanks for the quick help. Especially since I now realize if I had just typed it into google I could have spared you guys the trouble. But always good to hear from a board you can trust. Hard to trust testimonials on a sellers site.


If you went to the correct cat's site, you'll see my name on there, as well as a link to buy my book.

I've known him for about 5 years, and used his paperdrol about 4 years ago. It was very good.


I saw a site as well that had quite an assortment of drug offered in paper form, including nolvadex and arimidex. Mr. Roberts, can you shed some light on the possible quality of such drugs when in paper form? Would they be as effective? Thank you.


Wow...paper anabolics huh?? How the heck do you administer, eat the paper, suck the juice out of it??? Someone please explain, I'm curious...Cy?? Anyone with knowledge...thanks!



Well, I did a Goggle and learned about this stuff...interesting...are they safe for those who wish to use? By safe I mean are they real anabolics or do you receive paper plain or paper soaked in some weird substance and that's it? It kinda scary...reminds me of the old school LSD paper squares back in the 1970s.



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I was wondering about that when I saw your name. Was going to PM you to see if it was on the up and up. Did you find that the doses were evenly distributed between all sections of the page? Or did the center squares seem to have more of an impact? That seems to be the only complaint from what I have read, though not about that particular person's products.


From what I understand, it isn't one piece of paper but actually two pieces with the anabolics sort of soaked in between. But you are right with the analogy of LSD since it seems the recommendation is to hold the tab under you tongue for a while before swallowing. If I'm off on this, someone please feel free to correct me before I mislead people.


I used his anadrol 50 (paperdrol). I don't know if the doses were 100% evenly distributed...I mean...what am I going to say..."this piece felt like 60mgs of anadrol, but yesterday I swear I only had a 40mg piece..."

As I said, I was a moderator on a board about half a decade ago, and thats when I first met him...he's legit and so are his products.


Hey bushy:

Easy there Bonehead...I am not into the roid thing and I have enough sense in my head to approach these things carefully and with caution.

Have you tried these paper anabolics?? If so how do you know you weren't sucking on piss soaked paper?? And why can't you just relay your expeiences with out being so touchy...perhaps you've had too much piss soaked paper huh or you just don't ahve anything intellignet to say? Lay off...



Hope I didn't come across as shooting down this person's product or rep. What I meant was all the things that I have now read about paper anabolics has been thumbs up. It seems effective as a method of dosing and even more effective for ease of shipping/transport. The only piddly complaint that some people made was that they felt that the doses weren't evenly distributed. This seemed odd to me as I doubt the procedure involves the pages have a blob dripped on the center of them and then sandwiched together. Of course, the people making this claim hadn't actually lab tested the sheets, they just "felt" some of the tabs were weaker. It seemed strange to me but thanks for the confirmation.


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It looks like cardboard, actually...very thin(ish) cardboard.

Not really correct here...they aren't "soaked" in steroids, but rather the chemical powder is sprayed onto a layer of cardboard (paper, I suppose), and then allowed to dry after another piece is placed over the top. So what you have is a thing that looks like piece of thick paper, I guess. Kind of more like very thick construction paper, thicker than the cover of a magazine, actually.

And they aren't perforated, either....never have been. They are marked off into equi-sized rectangles,, and you cut along the lines with a razor or sizzor, and then you have your 100 doses per sheet.

I've used them, and they work. I doubt he has experience with paper anabolics (he seems not to know what they look like), so he's probably doing his best to relay "information" he's gathered "elsewhere"... ;^)>

They seem to be a bit defensive, on both parts, with more flames and insults than real information being produced or discussed. JMHO.


Mr. Roberts:

Thank you for the information...I trully appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me since I have ZERO expetience with any kind of steroid use; again, thanks.



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-Tony....is much preferred...

No problem...as I said, I used paper anabolics a long time ago and know the full story behind the original manufacturer, his split from his buisness partner, the years that followed, and the year that preceeded.

I was actually around back then, which is when I first was introduced to him and his products, and at the time, I helped him sort out a problem stemming from his former partner....etc, etc, etc...

So, without saying anymore, I hope it suffices to say that I've been around the proverbial block, and can speak from experience as well as being quite well versed in the relevant biology/pharmacokinetics involved...

So, I'm happy to assist with answering these types of questions, whenever I am able.

(In the future, everyone can PM me with a link to any questions here on T-Nation that they want answered...I don't check in all the steroid threads daily...so that'll help me in finding the ones that people want my help on.)


Can you get paper anabolics in Thailand? going to be there in a couple weeks