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Pants Suck


A few months ago I complained about shirts not fitting. That the Larges I had were too tight in the arms and shoulders.

Now I'm going to rant about Pants.

I measured my waist last night, at the end of the day and it was 36"

Now, we all know that companies don't always make their pants to exact specs, and we don't all wear our pants RIGHT on our waists.

The majority of my pants are 34 x 34. Recently I've had to buy a few pair of 36x32 pants too.

But now, even the 36's are pissing me off. They always get stuck on my legs when I am standing up from a seated position.

So it sucks having to buy pants with an extra 2-4" on the waist in order to get around your legs. It sucks even more to do that, gain more weight and realize your "big pants" don't fit.

Thankfully I just finished bulking (30lbs in 14mo, egh..not too shabby but I'm around the 15-20% range) and will be starting a longer cut in about 5 weeks.



You do realize there are about 1000000 "pants don't fit now that I'm swole" threads.

Good work on the bulk though.


Dude, your fucking massive... Just walk around sans pants.

I wear 36x34 and have the same problem. You either deal with it or walk around like some ghetto douchebag with your ass hanging out all day.


actually i didn't. i've been on here a while and haven't seen any (recently at least)

i don't think i'm 'swole' (nor do i ever use that word without smirking) as much as fat. thanks to my sweet genetics i was able to gain a bunch of weight (fat & water weight) on my stomach/sides.


now i'm off to buy some NO EXPLODE TO GET SWOLE!!! (smirk)


Im really curious as to how big your thighs are at 6'1", 205.

Im thinking you need to stop shopping at kid's stores and head over to the men's section. Chances are you will have no issues fitting into pants designed for men 20+ instead of those designed for 16 year old emo kids.

I measured my thighs a while back (actually BG did it for me) for laughs after reading one of these threads about pants. Mine are around 26.5 iirc and I have a 32 inch waist. Going off of the sizing of my squat suit, my hips are somewhere in the 40's. Unless Im trying to buy little kids jeans for some reason or another, I have no issues getting pants to fit.

Its not a matter of you being so jacked that you cant find pants, its a matter of you not knowing how to buy cuts that fit your body.


Hehehhehe... I have that issue... I have a 30inch waist... (no shit...) and 34 length... but ya... if I wear certain designer jeans... buffalo's etc... they are painted onto my thighs.. looks great though... but ya... always pulling the legs down when I stand up.. :slightly_smiling:


Carhartt FTW.

Seriously, if you don't have to dress up for work and you're not too worried about appearances, go buy a couple pairs of Carhartt work dungarees. I've got 26" thighs, 42" hips, and I can still fit into a pair of 30x32s with room to spare. Plus, they're cheap and wear like iron.


If I do that, do I have to stop fake cutting my wrists? haha

I have 32.5" legs at their largest. (i'll verify tonight when i get home...i took these measurements and have them at home)

I don't go out and by "low rise" or anything torn up.

I buy $25 pants from target. the only things i look for in pants is 1.) they are loose enough in all the right places and 2.) no button flies


Tom Platz had 34ish inch thighs iirc. Im calling bullshit on your legs being anywhere near that big unless you are putting them together and measuring both at the same time.


Why do people go into Abercrombie, and try on an XL, find that its skin tight (because its actually the size of a medium) and conclude that they are too jacked to wear clothes?

200ish at 6 foot or whatever the number that was thrown up here is not big. The only time that 200 should ever be considered big is when we're talking about midgets.

These threads are a joke. I know guys that outweigh every poster in this thread by as much as 100 pounds. I see them on a regular basis, and they're always wearing pants that fit them.


American Eagle makes a good pair of jeans for that very thing.

Frustrating thing is that most of them are "distressed" for some reason lately.


Wear a kilt.



I'm 6'4" and 260lbs and my thighs are 27.5".


While you might be correct, remember I said that I would verify this stuff later on when I'm not sitting at my desk. I could be WAYY off.

jeez...you people are so impatient.

i might be eating crow later when i recheck; and i'm fine with that.


Sounds pretty distressing.

OP, you can do what I do, and just wear skirts instead.


I am going to assume you are just generalizing about some other dudes and not thinking that's what I do (b/c I already stated what I bought and where I bought it). I haven't been in an AF for about 4yrs or more. That place makes me wanna pass out (by both the music and the smell and the people)

I see your memory is as great as mine lol.
Never once did I call myself "big". Having gained 30lbs I finally feel 'about right' for my height. Not skinny anymore

That's great that you know a lot of fat people. It really is; they needs friends too. (it's a joke, don't turn into an internet thug)


Not a bad idea. I wonder if that is considered "business casual" or not




I think it just all boils down to the fact that society is in a downward spiral. By that I mean that boys today are brought up to be super feminie and this whole "emo" craze is getting out of hand.

These thin, tapered pants that they all wear is starting to rub off on all the other companies. They are all now starting to make pants to make you feel better about yourself.

I bought a pair of 33x33 dress pants about a month ago b/c they were $10 and figured they "might" fit. My lord they were NOT even close. The legs must have been 10"dia.

Well, that's enough ranting on this for right now...


Yeah. Fat guys.