Pants Shopping Tip

We’re all going out for our fall wardrobes soon! When shopping for pants, if you are in a hurry or there is a line for the fitting rooms, try this tip: Take the the waist of the pants buttoned and doubled and put it around your neck. If the 2 ends touch or overlap a little, the waist will fit comfortably. If the 2 ends don’t touch, the pants will be too tight.

Happy shopping!

Thank you Martha Stewart.

This may work for the waist but what about around the thighs? I posted last month about this problem I had finding leg width 28" or more with a 32 waist.

holy shit hes right… no… i didnt do this in public

This tip is straight off “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.”

Shaf must watch “queer eye for the straight guy”… (my wife watches it, and I happen to catch that “Tip” when i got off the computer to come into the T.V. room, knowing that the show was about over)

hey i heard that the distance form your palm to the tip of your finger is also the length of your dick. is that true?

i feel sorry for you little handed guys.

p-dog - English scientists did that study to refute the “foot” theory. It’s true.

Pretty Woman. I always liked that one.


Eddie’s wife- no it’s not. Measure it. If you go from tip of elbow (funny bone) to wrist, it’s not. Your arm is bigger.


It ain’t true.