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Pants and Sitting Down


For as long as I can remember, whether it was jeans or khakis every time I sat down I would have to deal with the problem of them bunching up at the crotch. Any tips on how to avoid this issue?


Don't have a boner before you sit down.


I honestly don't have this problem, never have...


Yet another catastrophe averted by Stern!


Certain dress pants I own do that. Annoying as hell in certain situations.


It's only awkward if you let it be. Be confident displaying your pseudo erection, perhaps something good will come of it.


^^ Did you watch the Curb Your Enthusiasm video?? It seems to only cause trouble!!!


Viagra is a helluva drug


Get better fitting pants. Aside from that, if you arent wearing spandex, where do you expect the excess fabric to go? Inwards?


I doubt my pants hide the fact that I have a penis in the first place.

Shit, if yours do, that's not exactly a "win".


Try on pleated pants, it gives you more room for Mr. Happy when you sit and for the legs as well.


Maybe wear them like this.


Agreed. Used tire salesmen in the third world know a thinng or two about this


Or this will help.


So many uses for duct tape :slightly_smiling:


Or you could forget pants all together.


Or just never, ever, sit down! Keep on movin'.


That doesn't always work, as you can see from this troubling example.


Pants bunching in women is known as "Chick with a Dick Syndrome". Not a good look.


Lol! Well played ID! =P