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'Pantheon Zeus' Prohormone

Long time reader, first time posting. Was browsing my supp store and came across a bottle labeled “Pantheon Zeus” for $149.95. This bottle was categorized with the other prohormones but it has 2 compounds I’m not familiar with. I would like some info on this if possible. It would be greatly appreciated. The 2 compounds are as follows:

17-hydroxyl-3-hydroxymethylidene-17-dimethyl-3-hydroxy mine (20 mg)

(8R,9S,10R,12S,13S,15S)-4-chloro-17-hydroxyl-1-octahydroxy-6H-phenanthren-3-bold (15mg)

This is straight from the bottle, per 1 capsule, suggested 1-2 capsules daily (evenly spaced if 2).

my own research has led nowhere. Thank you for your help.

Wtf is this lol? The first compound looks like anadrol. Can’t be bothered to google it. Just use real gear.

I don’t have access to real gear. I tried Google but couldn’t find anything. trust me, real gear would be my preference but it’s easier said than done.

I do not recommend prohormones altho I have been in your shoes…

When I was deployed for 9 months that was the only thing I could order. Granted… looking back… i wish I would have shipped some shit home from Turkey.

FYI alot of designer steroids and prohormones were recently banned… so alot of the company’s now are resorting to SARMS and other non banned substances…

Some of the common ones are

Durabolin (which I’ve never heard of or tryed)

If your lucky you might be able to find something out there with halodrol or epistane.

That is if your lucky…

Again if you are going to do a PH cycle… be smart and order a real SERM pct to be safe… you can find research chem company’s that are reputable and have great products…

Alot of the PH company’s reccomend OTC pcts… roots and herbs and shit… that’s rubbish…

Be smart… consider your risks…

last time I ran pros I lost my libido completly… i got good gains and was jacked and vascular… but my dick would just not work to save my life =( wasn’t untill I started clomid that I got my shit going again…

are you in the US? if you are, i believe that all pro-hormones are banned…

one of the issues with using the prohormones/prosteroids, is there is simply no information on what is in them. they MIGHT work well, and MIGHT be relatively safe, but there’s no way to know.

i was ill-advised when i tried out Superdrol, and found that to be the most toxic substance i’ve ever taken…

Whatever it is, it’s got a really cool name.

It Def has a cool name. The company is labeled as Pantheon Mutraceuticals out of columbus, oh. I just can’t find any info on them, or the compounds listed. A way to get some real gear would be far better, but alternatives are it until I can find that. Yes I’m in the US, and I don’t know much about the chemicals in this stuff so any help would be nice.

here’s the bill: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/hr4771/summary

basically, if it’s not a birth control pill, DHEA or cortisone, it’s a scheduled drug.

either this company is selling you DHEA labeled as something else (which is not effective in healthy, young men) or it’s something that’s likely to be illegal. and if it’s illegal, you might as well go with proven AAS.

if you’re more comfortable with “grey area” stuff, then i’d suggest looking into SARMs.

Like I said before, it’s not that I prefer grey areas, I just do t really have any choice at the moment. And in my line of work, I’m not home enough at a time to get on that comfortable of a level with people. Proven gear would be ideal. Thank you for the information.

I can find absolutely nothing on the internet about this product, nor the company. Even with knowing where they’re based. That’s weird.