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Pant Size Accurate Measure of Waist Size?



If I wear a 32x32 pant size, does that mean my waist is 32 inches?


Nah. Probably a little bigger. Depends on the brand though and where you wear your pants.


Its so true. brand is everything. It can fucking suck to try to find pants to fit both your waist and legs once you start to really put some mass on your legs.


With jeans I'm ok. With suit/dress pants, tailoring is always a must. The clothes world is stupid. Apparently, big legs and small waists just don't exist.


I'm a big fan of the pants that leave me a couple inches on the waist, and then have the ass bust out about a month later. Those are great.


I fit into a size 34, and my waist is 39 (they also fit when my waist was 41 at it's largest, but they were tight).

Oddly though, the only time I fit into a size 32 was when my waist was 34 (or less) and they were tight.


The standard size pants that come with my suit coats are 46" waist. I wear 33x32. Apparently someone who wears a 52 coat can't possibly wear a 33 inch waist. You basically take 4-6" off the size of the coat to get the waist of the pants i.e. 52 - 6" = 46".--Penny


I wear my pants just before where my body changes from bone to fat. Right below my "love Handles" there not really love handles, but the do stick out a bit further then the sides of my body just below it. I should post a picture of a shoe held against my waist for an example i think.


Spend a couple of dollars and get one of the tape measures used by a tailor or seamstress.

Go to Wally World, visit the area where they sell thread and crap, it will cost all of a couple dollars.

Bingo! You can measure waist, belly, biceps, brainpan, whatever else you might feel like measuring. However, don't feel that you need to share those more personal measurements with us...