Pano's Peepshow

Monday 20th of june

Weight: 128.8
kcal: 2800

Notes: I don’t know if I truly lost weight tbh because I took was able to “lose some weight” beforehand, which usually only happens after breakfast. I ate with friends the other night and am pretty sure I didn’t get the protein in I wanted, but overshot the carbs by far because it was mostly rice. Well, I am not going to be a hermit, so that’s fine.

Trying to get my walks in seem to help: even when ill I can do a small 5000 steps in 1 go, just breathing in my nose. Gotta keep that up.

About my illness: the pulsing headache and sore throat are migrating to a clogged up nose…and going by the colour, sickness is leaving the body at a fast pace.

Today I have an important psychological assessment. I hope to maaaaybe hit the gym again tonight or tomorrow, depending on how I feel

I did train! Training

Incline bench (on weird fixed bench they have at the less used uni gym)
70x4 sets of 5 reps
70 for 7 reps (AMRAP as the fifth set) (around 11 minutes for the last 5 sets!)
in between: 10 band pull aparts with a band that made me work hard)

Superset with
Pull ups minus 68 kg of my BW: 10, 10, 10
Dips minus 68 kg of my BW: 10, 10 15
I tried to hit a pretty slow eccentric on all these reps, and pauzed a lot of dips
Took me about 9 minutes

Crunch machine
50 kg: 15 reps x 3 sets
Tried to have less than 2 minutes rest, and really feel the muscle

Circuit: 2 rounds of
inclide db bench neutral grip x25
db shrug x25
incline lying db row x25
everything with 16 kg dbs
Took under 10 minutes

Tricep extentions with hard handle (not rope)
2x25 with 21.6 kg (I really had to take a few brakes in the last set)

Happy that the gym was in the books today! I had the idea I lost a bit of steam during the workout especially during the circuit at the end, but I still felt pretty strong. Still: pretty happy with that: usually I ran this kind of workouts with at least 4500 kcal in my system, now that is around 3000. Not bad I guess.
The incline work is a PR by default.

Tuesday june 21th:

Weight: 128.6 kg in the morning (weightloss is nicely on track)
kcal: 3100

Hope to hit squats today. Not feeling sick anymore


Seated leg curl:
18 kg x 25
36 kg x 25
45kg x 35
(how does this work, I am sliding all over the place)

Goblet squat with 26 kg
Every minute a set, start with 2, 4, 6… worked up to 14…than worked back down. And the last set where 20 instead of 2
That is a total of 116 reps in 13 minutes

leg press
90 kg x 30
108 x 20
133 x 20
(90 sec rest between sets)

machine crunch: 50 kg x 15 (just to kill time waiting)

back extention arms crossed
1x50 with a lot of rest pauzing

Really didn’t want to squat because 1) I always am blasted after squats and need a ton of sleep. I need to get up really early. 2) I hate foam rolling at this gym, and I can’t walk after squats if I don’t
Hit some nice volume, and did some things I usually don’t do, so I like that. In an hour I was done, liked that. Getting of the stair was really dangerous because my legs where shot

Wednesday 22nd of june

Weight: 128.1 kg
kcal: idk, I will go drinking

Bench press
bar x 15
95x2 maybe I failed them, but my spotter grabbed them so fast from my hands that I maybe would have grinded themj out. My fault for not instructing hum
All benching was done in 20 minutes

Pull up statiun taking 72 kg of my bw. 3 rounds of the superset:
10 chin ups, 5 pull ups directly afterwards
20 side raise 6 kg db
in 15 minutes

3 rounds of the superset
rope cable pushdown 23.8 kg x 15
ez bar curl with ez bar + 20 kg x 15

WEight going down steadily while not really deep into deficit. Like that a lot. Felt strong, and because I was crushed for time I chose intensity over volume. Nice change of pace. 100 bench is elusive, but with some solid heavy singles and 5x5 it has to be there in a few weeks for sure.

Btw: ez bar curls are deceptivly heavy on the lungs

thursday 23th of june

kcal: 3000

friday 24th of june
bw: 129.8
kcal: 2700
Notes: Weight got back up, but no stress about that. I drank a ton two days back (beer) and while I stayed in my kcals yesterday, I had more sugar than normal. I geuss my glycogen stores are just crammed with all the carbs. I guess I will drop that in a few days. Soreness is insane the last 2 days due to the lower body workout


130x5 (eveything double overhand, but my grip was shot today)
130x6 (mixed grip)

Pull up machine
bw-73kg x 10
bw-54kg x 1 (checking out what I could handle, easy rep)
bw-42kg x 2,5
bw-54kg x 5.5
andn without rest: bw-72 x 10 with wide grip (craziest lat contraction I ever felt)

Divergent seated row
drop set: 36kg x 20, 31x20 (both horizontal handles, more upperback focus)
dropset: 41kg x 15 (vert handle), 36kg x 10 (horz handle), 32kg x 10 (vert handle)

Lat pulldown
didn’t note down, but a dropset with 3 weights. Hard work, but not the best muscle contractions

My legs were so sore I could barely walk. Very happy deadlift happened, another brick to build a house had been put into place. I was so sore that I never felt I pulled properly , but well. Grip was also shot. All in all pretty low volume on de DL, but way better than not doing it.
The back work was very high volume and intensity since I got to technical failure pretty much every set.

Saturday 26th of june

weight: 129.0 kg

Notes: bloated is dropping, but tonight I will be drinking again, so I prepare for the worst haha

Monday 27th of june

kcal: 3100


Goblet squat: 30 kg db
5x20 reps with 90 sec rest between sets

Seated leg curl: 36 kg
30, 20, 20 with 90 sec rest between sets

Leg extensions: 36 kg
30, 25, 25 with 90 sec rest between sets

Pull up machine:
bw-59 kg: 10 wide grip, 10 normal grip pull ups
bw-73: 10 wide grip, 10 normal grip pull ups
(between every set 90 sec rest)

Crunch machine: 57 kg
20, 15, 10 with 90 sec rest between sets

Notes: Barbell squatting is barely doable because of the gym I am forced to use. There is barely space to roll, I have to bring my own roller and the squat rack (the ONE squat rack) is permanently preoccupied. Although they lack the systematic load, I feel goblet squats better in my legs, and they leave my knees and elbows feeling happier. High rep goblet squats are also a hell of a conditioning exercise.

The hamstring curls hurt like hell, I never felt my hammies work like that, so that is cool. I seem to have figured out how to set it up so I am not sliding all over the place but truly hit the muscle.

I decided to not let the lack of barbell work beat me up too much. Although I prefer the other gym location because of all the squat racks, I get the chance to use a back extension that doesn’t crush my genitals, a machine that hit my hammies hard and a pull-up/dip station that finally made it possible to do these amazing movements with my fat ass.

Tuesday 28th of june

Bodyweight: 130.2
kcal: 2900

Notes: Hoping this is still bloat. I could barely imagine I got 10.000 kcal of drinking in. I will be cutting a bit more aggressive this week. From monday onwards I won’t have much say in my diet. Hoping to drop a bit to compensate this week.

Did 10 band pull aparts between pretty much every set of this workout

Bench press
bar x 25
50kg x 5
95x2 (failed the third rep, but still a PR)
80x10 (I guess also a PR)
70x13 ( I would guess a PR at this weight)

Standing DB press:
20 kg per hand x8
24kg x 1

2 rounds of:
Incline db press with 16 kg db per hand x 20 (really focussing on pecs)
directly after: 7kg db pec flye on the incline bench x 15

tricep ext drop set alternating with my partner
23kg x 15

Divergent row:
single arm with 41 on the machine: 20 per arm vert handle
20 per arm horz handle

still 41 kg: 20 reps with vert handle
10 rep with horz handle

With the row machine, I feel my back way better with single arm rows. Because of the machine set up, I guess you only row half of the weight somehow with a single arm row.

I feel my triceps way less when doing heavy extensions, it turns into more of a shoulder/arm exercise. I knew that, but I gotta bring it more into practice.

I am happy with the PRs on the bench press because I feel I am almost not progressing. That is mostly due to my very random schedule. I hope to get my act together in 2 weeks after some tumultuous things. I also really need to cut calories more aggressively, otherwise, I will never lose weight. Important to stop drinking for a while because the bloat is insane. I hope it will wear off in a day or 2.

Hoping to get a true, banging deadlift of squat workout in tomorrow to get the body rigging.

Wednesday 29 June

bw: 128.9 kg
kcal: 2800

Notes: bloat seems to be dropping.

Thursday 30 june

bw: 129.0
Kcal: 2800

Notes: drank 2 beers, they seem to put a bit of bloat back on. I am in quite a deficit


57kg x idk
127x5 straps
147x5 straps
167x5 (PR, but with straps)

147x1 without straps
147x5 for 3 sets with straps

barbell row:
47kg for 350 method (20 reps, 20 reps, 10 reps with 2 minutes rest between sets)

I like the 350 method, makes me focus on the accessory work. I will try it with different lifts.
Pulled a nice deadlift PR because of Phil Collins’ ‘in the air tonight’, an amazing hype song for me.
I notice my grip is way weaker while in a caloric deficit. Add to that that we used a ladies bar that tears into your fingers, and I had to use straps. One of my neighbours let me work in with him, and he showed me how to use the straps properly. Top-end strength is not my strong suit: if the first rep moves, I almost surely can get 5 or more with enough misery. The first rep seems to always be the bottleneck.

Overall very happy that I hit the gym because I was not feeling it and it was getting pretty late. Just another brick in the wall

Friday 1st of july

BW: 128.3
kcals: a lot. I drank 8 beers over the course of the day and had a few snacks. Was a realle nice fun summer day where I made some new friends

saterday 2nd of july

bw: 129.2
Kcal: 2500

Notes: the bloat is back!

sunday 3th of july:

bw: 128.2

Notes: The bloat is leaving!

Monday 11th of july:

Bw: 132
kcal: 1800 (no hunger at all)

Notes: had one of the best weeks of the year; I am quite sure the most fun of all. Had a very packed schedule with interesting visits and a hell lot of alcohol. I guessed I would both have gained fat and gotten pretty bloated, so this is no bummer. I had no real way of controlling what I ate this week because everything was laid out beforehand by the organisation, and I knew I had no interest in trying to manage my kcal or alcohol consumption: I just lived in the moment. The next few weeks I will try to cut more aggressively to lose a few kgs before I leave on vacation, but I am not gonna starve myself.

Tuesday 12th of july:

bw: 128.1
kcal: 2800 (too high, gotta buy leaner sources of protein if I want to hit the 250g of protein in 2500 kcal)

Notes: crazy how much bloat I dropped. I wouldn’t be surprised if I weight a slight bit more tomorrow because I underate by a large margin yesterday, but still: encouraging to see so 4kg drop in 1 day.

Training: BBB beefcake on a cut W1/D1

Bench press

bench bbb: (finished in 20 minutes, which busted my balls because of the squats that jank up your heart rate)
60 kg x 5x10

Except for the set with just the bar, every set was done in giant set format with:
10 band pull aparts
10 kb rows per arm (28 kg)
10 kb squats (28kg) (I tried to jump and really drive my feet out on as many reps as possible, felt that in my abs)

I decided to run 1 cycle of BBB during this month of the cut before my training really gets derailed by vacation. Time opened up a bit with my thesis so I can train at my favourite gym more now. With the pretty deep deficit (aiming for 2500/2600 kcal a day), the training will be pretty hard, but I really enjoy this style of training and I feel it burns way more calories. If life and my body allow it, I am thinking of doing something insane for the last week to have some room for my body to supercompensate. That could time out pretty well because I will have 1 week to train after this cycle is finished.

After: brisk walk. Since yesterday I try to pick up the habit of a) hitting 10.000 steps a day and b) during that process try to get a brisk longer walk in the evening to help sleep and aerobic conditioning. I find that I usually hit 5000/6000 steps a day with my normal activities.

wednesday 13th of july

BW: 127.6(?)
kcal: 2500-3000: I had brunch with friends and experimented with some anabolic low kcal DIY ice cream (of which I ate a lot in the process). I guess closer to 3000 but I felt that was right after the diesel deadlifting in the morning.
steps: 8600 with 1 easy walk longer walk of 20 minutes in there

The scale was all over the place (a digital one, so hard to pinpoint). I usually weigh myself around 10 times and take the number that comes out the most, but this time I weight myself multiple times on 129.1, 128.2, 127.2 and 127.6. I picked the last one because it leaves a bit more room to drop weight but still is a good cutting speed. I figure this is still bloat dropping because I had multiple (or a lot of) beers pretty much everyday last week


531 BBB beefcake W1/D2

90kgx5 (first set in giant set)
135x5 (first set with chalk)

deadlift bbb
105kgx5x10 (last 3 sets with belt) (done in 26 minutes)

Every set from the 90 set onwards was done in giant set with:
10 28kg kb swings
10 28kg kb side bends per side

Notes: very pleased. On a deficit, first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach and I blew through this workout. I was not feeling it in the morning, but I pushed pretty good, but felt sapped with the last 2 bbb sets so I took a bit more time. Kb swings were popping, did everything double overhand, chalk was only used from the last main set onwards and belt was sparsely used: all good things for the circumstances. I am quite happy my tolerance for this kind of work didn’t drop that much the last few weeks.

Thursday 14th of july

BW: 128.6
Kcal: 3000

friday 15th of july

BW: 128.5


531 bbb beefcake W1/D3:

Overhead press
50x8 (a rep PR)

OHP BBB work:
40kg 3x10
35kg 2x10

Every OHP set was done in superset with:
10x 12kg standing bend over double db row (nice lat and upper back contraction)
10x 12kg db clean (just jump violently)

10 minutes of some upperback and tricep stuff, pretty much all over the place but hard work

I couldn’t find the 1,25kg plates, so I rounded those numbers up. Went pretty well, but the bbb stuff actually had to be 37.5. All the percentages are so close in weight that I think it would be a fun idea to make every bbb set 40kg by the end of this cycle week by week.

OHP keeps feeling very hit or miss, I play with the idea of doing a few sets on multiple training days because they barely need recovery and I need a lot of practice.

Monday 18th of july

Training: 531 beefcake W1/D4
50kg x idk
50x idk
95x5 (giantsets started)
120x5 (with belt)

BBB work: (done in 20 minutes)
squat 90 kg x 5 x 10

GIant setted with
10x 30kg db side bend both sides
3x 30kg db clean with both sides

Although cutting isn’t really going anywhere, my strength is there. I matched my heaviest bbb worksets with 90kg, so that is cool. The decent of the db cleans was pretty hard on the biceps, so I used both hands. Both biceps felt a bit sore afterwards, so I guess if nothing tears, it is nice added work.

Tuesday 19th of July

bw: 128.6

Notes: I look little slimmer and have been complimented on that a few times, but my weight is barely moving down for weeks. I guess the main culprit is drinking so much these weeks now everybody has time to party.

Training: 531 bbb beefcake w2/d1

bar x 25
60x5(giant set begins)

bbb bench work: (in 20 minutes)
60kg x 5 x 10

Giant setted with
10x 30kg db row per arm
10x 30 kg db goblet squat

1 heavy rest-pause set of triceps with arounds 5 pauses
around 100 reps of upperback work (mainly bend over reverse flyes)

Notes: I try to do a lot of upperback work. Mattt Wenning has some cool ideas, but most require lying belly down on a bench (cuban presses/supermans). I really like those for the muscles, but my stomach can’t take that. I guess doing them earlier so I didn’t just down 2 bottles of water